New BDL Pressure Plates

2 new pressure plates for Big Twins

BDL harley pressure plates

BDL’s new pressure plates.

Courtesy of BDL

BDL recently released a pair of new pressure plates that noticeably improve positive feel at the lever. Additionally the redesigned plates ensure a flawless release onto the clutch pack and enhanced lock-up. BPP-600 is an upgrade for 1990-up open belt drive kits using the standard cable system and the BPP-600-Hyd model fits 2014-up drives with the stock hydraulic clutch. Both of these are adaptable to BDL’s 1990 – Up belt drive kits that use the standard BPP-100A or BPP-100-HYD pressure plates. Upgraded plates require the use of a new diaphragm spring and (2) additional ESB-750 shoulder bolts. If you don’t think you need the entire kit BDL offers the plates, spring and collar individually. For complete details visit one of the knowledgeable BDL dealers worldwide or check them out on line at

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