New Auto-Darkening Striker Stealth CSV Welding Helmet

Enter the top of the line Auto-Darkening welding helmet: the Striker Stealth CSV—a helmet like no other.  The lens of the Striker Stealth CSV is the difference, and it will blow the doors off helmets selling for twice the price!  Our patented CSV Technology (Consistent Shade Vision) virtually eliminates the shade inconsistency you will find in all of our competitor’s lenses.  You won’t see any light areas in the corners of the lens or stripes through the lens.  What you will see is a consistent, user adjustable, 9 through 13 shade throughout the entire lens. But that’s just the beginning.  The optical clarity of the CSV’s lens is amazing,_ passing_ the ANSI certification with flying colors and meeting the European Standard EN 379 with a 1,1,1,1 rating—the best possible overall quality rating in the world!  The Striker CSV also features one of the largest lenses on the market, a whopping 2.4” x 4.0” – that’s 9.6 sq in of viewing area. The special photo diodes (electric eyes) detect a DC TIG arc when you are welding below 5 amps—and a DC TIG Arc is the hardest arc to sense! The Striker Stealth CSV helmet has an ultra lightweight shell—weighing only 9 ¼ oz—a fully adjustable, ratcheting headgear that can be adjusted in and out to determine how close the lens sits to your face. The headgear has a custom, easy turn ratchet that won’t slip, is easy to grip with a gloved hand, and the headgear can be adjusted so it sits on your head without falling off and without being too tight. Further, the headband features a soft padded replaceable sweatband on both the front and rear of the headgear, giving you an extremely comfortable fit –you’ll forget you have it on! For more information on the Striker Stealth CSV auto-darkening welding helmet or to receive our FREE catalog, contact HTP America, Inc., at 800-USA-WELD (800-872-9353), web site or email us at [email protected]. You can also LIKE us on Facebook at HTPAmerica.USAWeld, or follow us on Twitter at HTPUSAWeld HTP America, Inc. is a single source for a full lineup of MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutters, and welding helmets.  The company also provides a wide selection of auto body and metal working tools, and welding accessories and supplies such as welding wire and welding guns and parts.  HTP equipment is used by top competitive teams in most popular racing series.