The New 1.7 KW All Balls Starter

Power At The Button

Looking for a good solution for big-cubic inch motors or hard-starting motors? Whether you have an old, tired, worn-out starter or you are building a bike from the ground up, having the right size and power (volts) will make all the difference in the ease of starting your bike without wasting your battery. We wanted to install a new starter in a build bike and wanted the right one to do the trick. After calling the guys at All Balls, we got our hands on the new 1.7kw All Balls chrome starter ($392). We were given all the info needed to pick the right starter for our build using an S&S; 93ci motor and BDL belt drive. So if you have any questions about what to do, or what starter to get, give All Balls Starter a call. This will help save time and money, and will help you figure out if you’re getting the right one in the first place.

(1.) All Balls Starter motors are manufactured with components that have been fine-tuned for starting the H-D V-Twin engine. The clutches utilize 20 percent oversize rollers, and the idler gears are manufactured from cold-hardened steel. All starters are supplied with a 10/32 threaded output shaft and a conversion bolt for the earlier 1/4-20 threaded output shafts to cover all Big Twins from ’89-’06.

(2.) We are installing the new All Balls starter on a ground-up build with the oil bag out of the bike, so you can see how it mounts in the bike a bit easier. The starter has two bolt holes and one mounting stud to align the starter with the inner primary on the BDL belt drive.

(3.) With a bit of blue threadlocker, the two Allen bolts were torqued to 18 lb-ft.

(4.) Then the negative cable and the solenoid electrical wire connector were connected.

(5.) For mounting to this BDL belt drive, here’s how the jackshaft assembly looks installed. From the starter out-with a spring seat, then a spring, the pinion gear (or jack shaft), then a pinion gear tube (small diameter first). It fits into the pinion gear from the outside, then a bolt collar and the bolt.

(6.) However, if you are replacing a stock Harley starter with the new All Balls starter on a stock inner primary, then this diagram should help you to remove and reinstall the stock jackshaft once the starter is in place.