Neon Shift Rod Linkage

Street Glow Gets You Noticed

1.** Here is the shift linkage with the wiring harness. The MC Neon Shift Rod is made from CNC machined 3/4 inch stainless steel rod and if necessary two different size extensions, 1-inch and 3-inch are available. The harness has an on/off switch pre-wired and the transformer also pre-wired. A bag of mounting hardware, zip-ties, heat shrink, and wire connecters also come in this kit.

2. To ensure that you order the right size linkage needed for your bike, measure your stock linkage from center point of each of the Heim joints before removing the stock rod. The Street Glow Rod without Heim joint measures 10 inches, from here you will need to figure out if you need extensions or not.

3. Next, we removed the stock shift rod from the bike. We determined that two 1-inch extensions weren’t going to be long enough. It was going to take a combination of a 1-inch and 3-inch extension to give us the right length and still have the proper leverage to shift the bike smoothly.

4. We added the extensions and Heim joints to the rod with thread locker, then installed the SG rod onto the bike. We made sure to route the wires to the back of the battery box, to wire the Neon up to the battery.

5. Next, we needed to find a spot for the on/off switch, we picked a spot on the coil cover that was easy to reach. we made sure that all your wires were out of the way of any moving parts and heat.

6. The same goes for the transformer. We found a spot out of the way and as close to the battery as we could. We placed this one on the back of the battery box. The transformer has double-sided tape to mount on any surface.

7. Here is the wiring diagram that’s provided. The two 14-gauge wires coming from the rod need to get soldered to the two 14-gauge wires from the transformer. On the other side of the transformer there are two 18-gauge wires, one black and one black with a white strip. The solid black goes to the ground and the B/W goes to the yellow wire for the on/off switch. The black wire from the switch is ground and the red wire is positive with a 10-amp inline fuse.

8. Once we had all the wires connected, we flipped the switch and the Neon was glowing bright blue. There are six different colors to pick from to help match up your bike’s paint. This install took less then an hour, even with the wiring, and will get your bike noticed.

For the guy that’s looking to light up his bike we found a company by the name of Street Glow (SG), with plenty of product to get the job done. SG has light kits from a few LEDs to tuck under your gas tank to full on bike kits with LED strips and Neon tubes to light up every inch of your ride, it just depends on how much you want to be noticed. We wanted to see how easy it was to install the Neon shift rod linkage, something small but noticeable. We had SG ship us out a neon shift rod and a set of extensions to see how it works. The kit retails for $119.99 and the extensions are $39.99 and $49.99.