National Motorcycle Museum Receives Grant to Help Fund

Gas Station Restoration Project

ANAMOSA, Iowa -The National Motorcycle Museum, the motorcycle transportation museum in Anamosa, Iowa, is the recipient of a grant from the State Historical Society of Iowa. The grant will fund the restoration of a historic steel modular gas station. Just as important it will pay for research work and exhibition design that will present the role gas stations have played in America’s transportation system; how they have contributed to America’s transportation culture.

John Parham, President of the Board of the National Motorcycle Museum noted, “When America moved to motorcycles and cars for transportation, gas stations became a necessity. Our educational exhibition will help people better understand the interesting evolution of gas station technology and marketing.”

Central to the exhibit is a 1920’s pre-manufactured glass and steel gas station structure that will be restored and erected inside the Museum then outfitted with period signage, gas pumps and other items that will give visitors a clear picture of this era of roadside service. Other exhibit media will explain how the gas station has evolved into the 21st century and will hint at the potential impact of widespread use of electric vehicles.

The National Motorcycle Museum’s website will document the restoration process. Project completion information is at, where you can also get information to help you plan a visit to the Museum.

The National Motorcycle Museum is a non-profit organization based in Anamosa, Iowa. When you plan your visit to this already iconic yet greatly expanded and improved Museum, you can get all the information you’ll need at