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New Stuff In The Hot Bike Office

New Stuff In The Hot Bike Office

**Smart Top Clamp
$276.99 (top clamp);
$357.99 (Motoscope Mini)**

Custom Chrome just released these billet aluminum top clamps from Motogadget that are integrated with the company’s Motoscope Mini, a multifunctional digital instrument panel loaded with 251 LEDs that provide a rimless display area with readable speedometer, odometer, tripmeter, trip time, and more. The Motoscope Mini also features different modes of programming. Integrated into the billet top clamp are four LED indicator lights (red, yellow, blue, green) and a connecting cable, and the best part is that the entire unit only weighs 32 grams.

**Custom Chrome** | [](

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**Black Ops
Contact For Price**

Check out the brand new finish that the Roland Sands crew has created. The Black Ops program puts a new spin on “blacked out,” and the two-toned all-black finish will definitely set your bike apart from the rest of the black finished parts from other companies. Shown here is the Black Ops Slam wheel, which is also a brand-new design from RSD and it’s available in multiple popular H-D OE wheel sizes.

**Roland Sands Design** | [](

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**Rest Your Feet Footpegs
Shift Peg $24.95**

Drag Specialties has released a set of footpegs, and shift peg, that are simple, clean, and black for you minimalists out there. The new pegs are made of high-quality, die-cast construction and are fitted with knurled nylon inserts to keep your dogs in place. The male-mount pegs are sold in pairs and the shift peg is sold by itself.

**Drag Specialties** | [](

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**Stock Twist | $169**

American Custom has released the Powerflex Performance Header system, which is a redesigned stock Harley header system. The American Custom staff fits the Powerflex system inside the power chamber on your stock ’10-11 Harley Touring model exhaust headers and claims to improve performance, and give your bike more power. Just send in your stock headers and American Custom does the rest.

**American Custom**
(800) 323-9145 | [](

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**Give ‘Em the Boot | $170**

You want your gal to be protected when she rides, so a good set of boots can really make a difference. The Bristol Boots feature a full-grain leather upper with a rubber outsole. They also feature a full-length cushion sock lining and are comfortable both on and off the bike. Sizes range from 5-11.

**Harley-Davidson Footwear** | [](

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**Filter Relocation | $225**

Changing your oil can be a pain in the butt; however, it doesn’t have to be. The Jerry Rigs system relocates your oil filter along the side of your left downtube in a vertical position to not only make oil changes much easier, but the system claims to improve performance by cooling the oil 10 to 15 degrees. Installation is straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of downtime.

**Jerry’s Rig Systems** | [](

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**Get a Grip | $129.95**

Accutronix has just released these new Diamond grips, which are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are hard black anodized and machined to expose the silver highlights. Also choose a completely chrome finish for more bling. The grips fit ’84-11 Harley-Davidsons as well as most custom and metric bikes.

(623) 516-9600 | [](

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Raw $5,900;
Powdercoated $7,200**

Ever wanted to build your own badass chop? Now you can with the Big Bear Choppers Bear Bones rolling chassis. The kit includes frame, swingarm, fuel tank, oil tank, front and rear fenders, tires, wheels, seat, frontend, handlebars, front rotor, front and rear axle covers, foot controls, kickstand, and shocks. The roller is available raw or powdercoated.

**Big Bear Choppers**
(909) 878-4340 | [](

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**Stretch it Out | Starting at $37.99**

Looking to go taller in the handlebar department but have the throttle-by-wire blues? NAMZ has you covered with its plug-n-play handlebar extension harness for 2011 Harley-Davidson models. The wiring extension comes complete with both male and female connectors and is available in 4-, 8-, 12-, and 15-inch lengths.

(877) 277-6269 | [](

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**Sound Boost | $249.95**

Looking to get more oomph from your stock stereo system? Cycle Sounds just launched the Power Puck, a plug-and-play speaker amp design that claims to double your stock stereo’s amp output. The 3-inch-diameter Power Pucks mount directly to your stock speaker magnets and after making a few speaker connections, you’re good to go. The Power Puck is also equipped with a 3.5mm audio input jack that enables you to connect an iPod or MP3 player without the use of a head unit. The Power Puck system fits most Harley-Davidsons that utilize a speaker system.

**Cycle Sounds**
(816) 525-2628 | [](

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**To Infinity and Beyond | $399.95**

Riding while listening to your tunes is great, but what are you to do when your iPod gets stuck on your wife’s favorite Simply Red song, “Lady in Red”? Nothing, until now; Hell’s Foundry’s DashLink, an iPhone and iPod Touch docking station that’s been incorporated into a replacement dash, allows you to play your tunes and navigate through the playlist infinitely. The unit is available in chrome, gloss black, or carbon fiber, and for now, the DashLink will fit FLHT/FLTR and FLHR models, but Sportster and Dyna applications will be available soon.

**Hell’s Foundry**
(866) 999-4355 | [](

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**Ignition Upgrade | $370.25**

Crane Cams has just released the HI-4TC ignition modules for ’99-03 and ’04-06 carbureted big twins have a wide range of ignition advance adjustment, accommodating stock to highly modified engines. The HI-4TC features a true single fire and digital rev limiter, and the ’04-06 model retains communication with instrument cluster and turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM).

**Crane Cams**
(866) 584-3750 | [](

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