Motorcycle Boots And Jackets: Riding Essentials

Gear For Gear (Or Leather)Heads

You don’t have to be a Californian to appreciate the benefits of Murga Boot’s California Shirt Jacket, and hey, if it helps, you can just pop in your state in place of CA and call it a day. Named and designed ’cause it’s comfortable and breathable enough to throw over your T-shirt, (which Californians typically run around in pretty much year-round), this shirt-jacket is made to be versatile in different climates. Made of calfskin or lamb, with lamb being the softest and lightest, it’s silk-lined for comfort, can be inlaid in stingray or alligator, and custom made to anyone’s body. Available in sizes XS-4X. To learn more information, check out, or (949) 582-8650.

Murga BootsAccording to Murga Boots, picking the right heel and toe is essential in the boot-making process. From Dingo to U-toe styles and from walking to fashion and riding heel styles, there’s a fit for every foot. Whether you’re throwing your leg over a bike or just giving folks a sneak peek at your snazzy footwear, you’ve got the quality, handcrafted, made-in-the-USA goods to back it. Shown here are Murga’s brand-new Biker Boots, featuring a square-toe design. Made of mule hide and also available in black stingray, these boots are traditionally used as work boots, but they’re also ideal for riding, with their tough construction and strong Vibram soles.Also pictured are the Hornflame Inlay Design boots with Vibram soles, which can also be made with traditional leather soles, like cowboy or dress boots. Made of French calfskin and inlaid with red flames, these boots can be made in any color combination and of course, custom made to your specs.

There’s a saying that you can tell a lot about a person by his or her shoes. If you’re sporting anything like the ones shown here, you’ve got it going on. At least, that’s one of Tony Murga’s aims of Murga Boot Co: A person should look and feel his or her best in his boots.

Murga Boots in Laguna Niguel, CA, opened its doors in 1987, then in 1992 Tony became inspired by the motorcycle industry and was the “first bootmaker to design the leather “Flame Inlay Boot,” like the ones pictured here. A feature of Tony’s boots is the use of Vibram soles on the boots, which “makes him the first boot maker ever to combine traditional cowboy boots with functional motorcycle wear.” Tony strives to deliver boots that’ll be well received when someone tries to make an assumption about you based on your shoes.