Mini Review of Icon 1000 Outsider Convertible Jacket

With two project bikes in the works, and the change in model years for borrowed press bike, I was sadly left cage bound for the entire month of December. Finally this week I picked up a 2013 Street Bob to ride around (mini review later) and updated my wardrobe in the process. I’ve been riding with the Icon 1000 Outsider Convertible Jacket for the last couple of days in the frigid SoCal temperatures. Can you belive it actually get’s into the low 50s around here? (All you TRUE cold weather riders can stop laughing now.) Here’s a quick review o the jacket. A full review will be in a upcoming issue of Hot Bike. Pros: - Kept me more than comfortable in the arctic like SoCal winter temps. - Loved the zip up sleeves that can be easily operated while wearing gloves. - When the temperatures heat up, the sleeves and liner can be removed making it a all weather jacket. Cons: - Snug fit around the middle section. Wait. That has nothing to do with the jacket and more about the Holidays. Scratch that. - Ummm… well…. I’ll have to think of something. What can I say I love the jacket. See more of this and other Icon riding gear at