Milwaukee-Eight | Ride Nice Milwaukee Breather

New customizable air cleaner for 2017 H-D Touring bikes

Recently, Ride Nice came out with a series of new 2017 Harley-Davidson products. Here’s what they had to tell us about one of them, The Milwaukee Breather.

“The “Milwaukee Breather” not only provides increased performance BUT has countless, unique customizing options, too, and we are extemely excited that Ride Nice is bringing them as a first to the V-Twin Industry.

To that end, shown below is the Ride Nice “Milwaukee Breather” with COLOR-MATCHED Metallic Red, Brushed Aluminum, and Metallic Blue background inlay.

We expect to offer all of these colors immediately and several more soon. This gives the customer the option to customize their “Milwaukee Breather” with our inserts … OR they can have their own custom background design and/or custom faceplate made with ease.

On our website, we will offer downloadable files that will allow any customer, anywhere in the world, to source their own unique background artwork or have their own custom faceplate made.

In almost every town, you can find a sticker or sign business, and equally common are shops offering laser cutting services for metal and other materials.

We remove the often limiting factor to customization by providing the schematic files needed for each customer to get their own custom design done.
The possibilites are endless, and we look forward to seeing all the great personalized designs roll into our social media pages in 2017 and beyond!
We also hope to work together with a few select, Large Brands and Distributors to collaborate on unique, proprietary versions for their clients, too.”

The “Milwaukee Breather” by Ride Nice utilizes the latest technology with the Milwaukee Eight engine to increase intake efficiency.

Courtesy of Ride Nice

With our “Milwaukee Breather” we provide the people with something they want, namely, the ability to make their bike one-of-a-kind!
We have worked with International material supplier, 3M, and their specialists for their 1080 material (7 year outdoor warranty) to find several colors that complement the 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring model line-up.

Courtesy of Ride Nice

Here’s an example of one of the finished faceplates.

Courtesy of Ride Nice

The blank canvas, ready for art.

Courtesy of Ride Nice

For more information, visit them online here.