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Tig And Mig Welding Made Easy
Ron Covell of Covell Creative Metalworking offers motorcycle builders, mechanics, and like-minded folks instructional DVDs on learning how to TIG and MIG weld. In TIG Welding Basics, Ron shows proper material preparation, machine setup, electrode and fi ller rod selection as well as the techniques used to TIG weld steel, aluminum, stainless, bronze, and copper. Moreover, he instructs what to check for when things go wrong and how to correct them to help you become a better TIG welder. In MIG Welding Made Easy, Ron goes through the MIG process step-by-step, and offers descriptions of how each factor changes the weld, including wire speed, voltage, stickout, gun angle, travel speed, and gas fl ow. He also covers plug welds, patch panels, welding aluminum, and using fl ux core wire. Included is a bonus section on plasma cutting. For more information, contact Covell Creative Metalworking at (800) 747-4631, or visit www.covell.biz.

The Basics Of Harley Ownership
If you are new to the sport of motorcycling or are a returning rider, Bill Stermer’s Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Everything You Need to Know is packed with information to make your transition smoother. From deciding which Harley model suits you best to customizing your ride, you will fi nd a collection of broad tips and tricks to help you become more knowledgeable about the motorcycle industry. It begins with how the various Harley models differ, including the best model for the type of riding you may want to do. It also covers every aspect of Harley ownership, from maintaining your bike to boosting performance, from choosing your riding gear to planning and packing for a trip. This book is available in bookstores everywhere. For more information, contact Motorbooks at (651) 287-5000, or visit www.motorbooks.com.

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