Metalsport 34″ Wheel & Tire Combo

New for your bagger

34 inches of hard & sexy

Courtesy of Metalsport Inc.


If 32 inches just isn’t big enough for you, Metalsport Inc. has you covered. At least, in the wheel department. Their new 34-inch front wheel is a billet 3-D wheel, machined from start to finish at Metalsport Inc. You can get it several of their styles, like the Don Juan Torque, The Whip, The 15-spoke, and The Corleone. Finishes available are Chrome, All Black anodized and Polished.

Metalsport also makes matching rotors in 11.5-, 11.8-, and 13-inch, with a 18-inch option coming soon. The tire is a Metalsport exclusive one manufactured by Vee Rubber that’s sized 140/40/34.

Metalsport Inc. says that this Wheel and Tire combo will be ready for shipping by the end of March. They’re are now taking deposits. For more information on this wheel/tire combo (or other Metalsport products) you can visit their website here.

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