Mechanics Receive Superior Durability and Comfort with Redesigned MAC TOOLS® Knuckle Saver™ Wrench

Upgrades to the automotive tool offer increased performance

Columbus, Ohio (May 8, 2012) - Following extensive research with professional technicians, Mac Tools is excited to announce the launch of a new Knuckle Saver Wrench with design enhancements that offer greater performance and comfort. The updated Knuckle Saver Wrenches include improved strength, durability, corrosion resistance and cleaning capability.

“Mac Tools is committed to providing our customers with the best possible tools in the industry and the new line of wrenches does just that.” said Lucas Orsborn, Mac Tools product manager, wrenches. “The new wrenches combine the proven Knuckle Saver anti-slip feature in the open end with a longer standard length and a new shank design to provide increased strength with added comfort.”

The new forging provides a wider shank that adds additional strength for improved performance. The shank also has a new curved side edge for enhanced comfort while the standard length has been increased for added leverage in tough applications. The box end of the wrench was strengthened to provide technicians additional support when tightening or loosening fasteners. The open end continues to feature the Knuckle Saver design to provide 400 percent more contact area than a standard wrench. The revolutionized wrenches also incorporate a stronger chrome plating for a more durable and corrosion-resistant finish that’s easier to clean.

Manufactured in the United States of America, the newest Knuckle Saver Wrenches are now available via Mac Tools distributors and franchisees. The wrenches come in eight combination sets:

* 15-piece, 12-point (SCB15K2KS), includes 1/4 inch through 1 inch
* 10-piece, 12-point Metric (SMB10KKS), includes 10mm through 19mm
* 14-piece, 12-point Metric (SMB14KKS), includes 6mm through 19mm
* 19-piece, 12-point Metric (SMB19KS), includes 6mm through 24mm
* 10-piece, 6-point (SMHB10KS), includes 10mm through 19mm (Coming Soon)
* 5-piece, 12-point Metric (SMB5KS), includes 24mm, 26mm, 27mm, 30mm and 32mm (Coming Soon).

* 18-piece, 12-point SAE (SCB182KS), includes 1/4 inch through 1-1/4 inch
* 7-piece, 12-point SAE (SCB7PTKS), includes 3/8 inch through 3/4 inch

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