Maxima Racing Oils Assembly Lube

Keep those motor parts moving during assembly and break-in

maxima assembly lube

MSRP on Maxima’s Assembly Lube is a mere $9.95

Courtesy of Maxima Racing Oils

Maxima Racing Oils Assembly Lube is a specialty, film forming lubricant designed to protect moving components and wear surfaces during assembly and initial break-in. Prevents metal-to metal contact and offers excellent rust and corrosion protection during long service periods and storage. Fully formulated with high levels of anti-wear & extreme pressure additives and surface active chemistry to reduce frictions. 2X Zinc activates at both high and low operating temps providing unsurpassed protection. Non-foaming. Completely mixes with engine oil.

Find out the full story on Maxima Racing Oils’ full line of products. Call them at (800) 345-8761 or browse their website,

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