Maxima Introduces Newly Updated Lubricants for V-Twin Motorcycles

Fresh off the line

The Maxima Lineup

The new lineup.

Courtesy of Maxima

Maxima Racing Oils, a vertical manufacturer of high performance lubricants, introduces its newly updated line of V-Twin motorcycle engine, transmission, primary and fork oil lubricants. Additions to the line include five engine oils, four transmission/gear oils and three fork oils to complement the current products, which have also seen newly badged labels.

Engine Oils

Maxima previously marketed its V-Twin engine oils under the Classic moniker. Maxima’s range has been reformulated and optimized for V-Twins and are showcased with bold, clean new V-Twin specific graphics. The expansion offers (3) straight weight viscosities and (5) multi-viscosities to cover the multitude of OEM and custom engine fitments in the V-Twin market. A full synthetic and semi synthetic 20w50 are fortified with ester base stocks to lower operating temperatures, reduce wear and increase oil film strength. (3) multi-viscosities; 10w40, 20w50, 25w60 and (3) re-badged straight weights; 50wt, 60wt and 70wt make up the mineral engine oil offering. All using a superior additive package to keep engines clean, protect against sludge and allow for trouble-free operation.

Transmission/Gear Oils

Available in 80w90 and 85w140, Maxima’s V-Twin Transmission & Gear oil is a high-quality, mineral based motorcycle gear oil. Recommended for use in 4-, 5- and 6-speed high performance gear boxes. High film strength gear oil provides excellent protection against shock loads, viscosity loss and wear. Extreme pressure additives and surface active chemistry allow smooth shifting under peak loads and RPMs. Ultra-clean detergents protect gears from wear, deposits and allow for trouble-free operation.

Primary/Sportster Oils

Already available in synthetic, a mineral based Primary oil was included for high-performance transmissions and primary chaincases. Designed for use in all 1984 and newer H-D models with wet diaphragm spring clutches. Extreme pressure additives and surface active chemistry protect against shock loads and allow smooth shifting under peak loads and RPMs. Robust formula resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown of the oil. Ultra-clean detergents protect gears from wear, deposits and allow for trouble-free operation. Also seeing much of the same in its additive package, Maxima included a specific Sportster mineral based oil for use in 1971 and
newer XR and XL H-D motorcycles where transmission and primary chaincases share a common lubricant.

Fork Oils

Widely used in racing and OEM applications, Maxima suspension fluids are synonymous for high performance and now specifically formulated for V-Twin’s. Available in 5wt, 10wt and 20wt, all coming with a blend of premium quality, ultra-pure base oils and surface active additives that provide excellent lubricity, control foaming and protect the suspension system against corrosion. Special Lubricinol formula conditions seals, protects moving parts and reduces stiction to enhance fork performance over a wide operating temperature range. Advanced detergents provide ultra-clean operation and protect suspension systems from wear, deposits and allow for trouble-free operation.


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