Lunati Bolsters Harley Lineup With More Than 50 New Voodoo Cam Profiles

Lunati Offers Performance Camshafts and Valvetrain Components for 1984-2000 Big Twin Evolution (C) and 1999-Present Twin-Cam (C) Engines.

Olive Branch, MS (May 2012) – Sure, they have half the tires and a few less pistons, but Harley Davidson owners are as passionate about performance as any of their four-wheeled gearhead counterparts, creating a demand for high-performance valvetrain components. Lunati Power not only listened, the racer’s company did one better by completely revamping its Harley Davidson line to include a total of 56 Voodoo camshaft profiles along with a full host of supporting valvetrain parts designed to unleash some extra ponies in 1984-2000 Big Twin Evolution © and 1999-present Twin-Cam© engines.

Lunati Voodoo Camshafts for Harley Davidson applications deliver more area under the curve than any other series of cams for these engines, translating into unbeatable throttle response, quicker acceleration, more vacuum and better efficiency in America’s most iconic motorcycle. The Lunati Voodoo Camshafts for Harleys come with optimally-matched valvetrain component parts like lifters, valve springs, retainers and locks. The extensive choice of cam profiles offer choices for everything from daily-driven bikes to race-only weekend warriors.

If there’s no need for a complete valvetrain overhaul, Lunati also offers a Cam and Lifter Kit for its Harley bumpsticks that includes one of two types of hydraulic roller lifters: The OEM Replacement lifters are built to exceed the specifications of the OEM lifters while the High RPM Lifters are designed to handle applications above 6,500 rpm where they avoid power-robbing valve float along with the serious engine damage that can be caused by floating valves.

Not content with stopping at camshafts, Harley Davidson Valve Spring Kits by Lunati give owners an additional option to maximize Harley upgrades and serve as a perfect match to the Harley Voodoo camshaft offerings. Each kit contains four valve springs available with optional Beehive Springs, retainers in either 4140 chromoly steel with black oxide coating or lightweight titanium retainers made from a premium 6AL4V alloy, valve locks and locators.

For more information, visit, call a Lunati tech expert at 662-892-1500, or contact Lunati, 11126 Willow Ridge Dr., Olive Branch, MS 38654.