Lindby Engine Guards

Stretch Out

Installing both sets of bars was really easy; it was just a matter of three bolts; one in the center and one at each bar end. Lindby provides all the necessary bolts and washers for the installation. To install the Lindbar on the Road King we first unbolted the three bolts holding the stock engine guard in place and then the used the supplied center bolt to loosely hang the center of the Linbar to cross member on the downtube.

Next, we used the supplied bolts and washers to secure the ends of the bar to the stock mounts down at the foot controls, and then tightened all the bolts down.

Once the Linbar was secure we then installed the foot pegs. The footpegs brackets were clamped around the bar and once they were in a comfortable position for the rider they were tightened down with an Allen head wrench.

In just a few minutes we had the stock bar off and the Linbar and pegs installed. Here’s how the Linbar looks from the rear of the bike. As you can see the eight-O ring clamp-on pegs match the rubber rings on the bar perfectly.

With the folding footpegs, the rider has the ability to flip the footpeg down while riding giving him three various positions to place his feet.

Installing the Twinbar on the Deluxe was the same procedure as on the Road King (minus the removal of a stock engine guard); three bolts and done. Instead of having bolt-on pegs, the Twinbar is a cleaner setup with integrated flip-out pegs cut out of the sides of the bar.

A simple nudge with the toe and the peg flips out providing an additional footrest.

And here’s how the two different bars look installed on the bikes. The Road King owner was very pleased with the look of Linbar Bar compared to his stock engine guard, and stated he really liked the “cut” of the bar. The Deluxe owner liked the new look of his bar, but was more interested in the ability to stretch his legs on long rides.

Baggers are known for their comfort, and the “engine guard” makes for a great place to stretch out your legs and rest your feet on those long mileage trips. But thanks to companies like Lindby Custom Inc. Harley owners who have other models besides baggers can bolt products onto their bikes that will help them reap some of the same creature comforts baggers owners are afforded. For more than 15 years, Per Lindby and his wife Anne have been providing just about every Harley owner with the ability to stretch out on their bike and look good doing it with the company’s various engine guards.

Lindby Customs offers its engine guards for baggers, Softails, Dynas and Sportsters, in several different styles as well as various styles of bolt-on highway pegs. We had an ’06 Road King and a ’09 Softail that were in need of some upgrades in the looks and long haul comfort department and figured a couple of Lindby Bars were in order.

On the left we have a Lindby Twin Bar for the Softail Deluxe ($449.95) and on the right we have a Lindby Linbar ($349.95) and a set of Clamp-on Foot Pegs ($189.95). The Linbar is what started it all for the company more than 15 years ago.