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Letter Of The Month Winner
I just received my first issue of HOT BIKE magazine, and I want to congratulate the idiot that placed the full page Geico ad right in the middle of the two-page custom bike picture on pages 34 and 35 of Vol. 40, No. 5. You can’t even remove the ad without an f-ing mess! I sure hope my following issues are better done than that. “Think about it.”
James Thomas, New Subscriber
Via E-Mail

Hey James, sorry we didn’t make a very good first impression. It drives us nuts, too, but sometimes these things happen and there are certain ads (inserts like that one) that can only be placed in specific areas of the mag. Often it’s too late to re-lay out the feature so the ad doesn’t fall in the middle of a spread. Enjoy this new EconoKit H1 tool kit from Cruz Tools-maybe there’s something in there that’ll help you tear the pages out cleanly.

Hot Bike
Having bought this bike new three years ago and seeing the stoked Deluxe in your Vol 40, No.4 issue, now I have strived to recreate a ’40s feel without the use of garage tools or expensive equipment (i.e. most of it’s bolt-on and readily available). Also, I thought it would be good to see what the boys across the pond can do with a little imagination…did I mention I’m from the UK? We don’t all ride H-D Heritage Softails over here, y’know…
Jason Stredder
Via E-Mail

Hey Jason, we dig the bike-it goes great with this blackout-themed issue. Nice to see that you guys over there got some cool style and aren’t all stiff and proper-like. By the way, Ernie, our feature editor, wants to know if you know the Geico Lizard?

Dear Hot Bike,
Can you put me in touch with R&R; Racing? I will be replacing the engine out of my Bourget next year, and quite fancy one of their 147ci drivetrains. Regards,
Via Email

Lawrence, we think you are talking about R&R; Cycles out of Manchester, NH, as they do have a 147ci motor. They are a bunch of good guys over there and really know performance. Let us know how things go,and let’s see some dyno numbers once you get that new motor broken in. www.rrcycles.com