L.A. County Choprods Amps Up Its Website

L.A. Choprods News Release

LOS ANGELES, CAL(June 6, 2011) – Respected custom motorcycle builder, L.A. County Choprods, has amped up choprods.com with a newstore, a vast gallery of custom bike construction and a Blah Blah Blog.

Parts featured in the revved up online store bring the same design philosophy and quality craftsmanship found in their one-of-a-kind Choprod bikes. The site also has exclusive access to ISR Brakes, of which L.A. County Choprods is the exclusive North American distributor.

“Although we are strong advocates of Made in the USA, we’re also proud to be the exclusive North American distributor for ISR Brakes from Sweden. We stock the largest selection of ISR Brakes products and ISR Brakes replacement parts in the USA and are the first to offer ISR Brakes components in our Satin Black Anodized Finish. ISR Brakes are the cleanest-looking, highest-quality brake components available and that’s why you’ll find them on all of our bikes,” said Gard Hollinger, owner of L.A. County Choprods.

“We’re proud when we see our influence on bikes being built around the globe these days and we strive to continue to inspire and be inspired. Our “On the Road” gallery features some of Choprod’s creations, which are now banging about the asphalt and displayed in museum garages of the free world,” said Hollinger.

The new Blah Blah Blog gives Hollinger and his crew the opportunity to provide insight to their work and document the stories behind their favorite custom bike projects. The blog is filled with high-quality images that add 1,000 words to the fascinating stories about how bikes are born, from conception to delivery. The blog is also accepting submissions from other custom bike builders.

Hollinger’s unique style has captured well-known motorcycle enthusiasts, including a customer list that could pass as a Hollywood A List. He, and his work, have been featured in magazines and on television including Speed TV’s Build or Bust, Discovery’s Great Biker Build Off, ESPN’s Chopper Nation and the U.K. series All the Gear, No Idea. Hollinger has the unique distinction of being the first custom motorcycle builder featured in an American Express commercial.

Hollinger contributed a chapter in the best-selling Art of the Chopper II, was featured builder on the 2006 Hard Rock Road House Tour and his bikes have been shown at prestigious motorcycle exhibits including AMD World Championships, Artistry in Iron and Michael Lichters’ Eternal Combustion Exhibit.

Visit www.choprods.com to experience L.A. Choprod’s amped up virtual creativity now.