Kyle Shorey’s “Speedmetal” Custom

The Shadetree Customs’ rigid is anything but ordinary

My years in the motorcycle industry have taught me that designing and manufacturing parts are key to survival, so most of my builds are based on the premise that the custom parts I design for the build must be able to be mass produced. “Speedmetal” was born from feeling stagnant in the artistic side of my life. I needed to show myself as well as the world that I could truly design and build a piece of rolling art. What better way to show your salt than to build a completely raw metal motorcycle? Good or bad, your craftsmanship is out there for the world to see.

This bike is the complete opposite of my comfort zone—low slung, wide tired, and squared off. Every piece was built with my hands alone. Every imperfection is mine to own. If you truly want to learn what you can do, I challenge you to build a raw metal motorcycle and put it on the road. These are the second set of tires on this bike. It is ridden daily and is completely operational.

custom motorcycle end caps

End caps like these aren’t something you find too often on V-twin.

Michael Lichter Photography

motorcycle springs

Full frontal nudity, springer-style.

Michael Lichter Photography

speedmetal custom motorcycle profile

With its all-metal look, that throwback tank, and the sprinkling of brass throughout, “Speedmetal” has a bit of steampunkery going on too.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom hand control setup

Not your typical hand control setup, but I think that’s the point.

Michael Lichter Photography

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S&S 100-inch Evo

The S&S 100-inch Evo sends its power to this open belt primary.

Michael Lichter Photography

metal welding stripes on custom bike

Maybe it’s a stretch to say this, but seeing how all these welds form borders throughout the machine, it’s almost like pinstriping a raw bike in metal instead of paint.

Michael Lichter Photography

raw metal rear fender

Raw is in the eye of the beholder and this fender be holdin’ some rust because Kyle took the definition of raw that seriously; raw metal meant raw metal, hold the protective coating.

Michael Lichter Photography