Kustom Culture Headlight Relocation

Something For Springers

1. The Lady Killer. Yes, this is actually a part for your motorcycle. Kustom Culture offers their Springer shock cover in raw ($185), black ($225) or chrome ($250).

2. Installation was easy and quick. It’s just a matter of unbolting the headlight from its mount.

3. Then the headlight mount was unbolted and removed.

4. Next, the bolt securing the top of the shock was removed.

5. With the shock still bolted down at the bottom, the top of the shock was rotated forward and out of its mount. Then the Lady Killer was slipped over the shock. The Lady Killer has a front and back. The front has the new headlight mount welded to the center (arrow A) and the back has a cut out so it will slip over the top shock mount as seen in image #1.

6. With the Lady Killer in place, the shock was slipped back into the top mount. The Lady Killer/shock was then bolted back in place (you’ll need to stop by your local hardware store for new fasteners).

7. Lastly, the headlight was secured to the Lady Killer.

8. Here’s what the stock setup looked like…

9. and here is what it looks like with the Lady Killer installed. As you can see, it dropped the headlight a couple of inches and hides the majority of the stock shock-as we said, just something different to help you stand out amongst the rest of the H-D Springer owners out there. You can also add some color to your Springer by getting the Lady Killer color matched to your paint scheme.

Take a good look at the product in front of you. No, it’s not what you think-we haven’t turned into some kind of adult toy mail order magazine. What you see is a shock cover for Springer frontends. Simply an aesthetic piece, the Lady Killer-as Kustom Culture Cycles calls it-is a cover that slips over the shock found on H-D and some aftermarket Springers and moves the headlight from the top of the shock to the center. It’s like they say, sometimes the smallest details can make a big difference.