Kraus Moto & GP Suspension V-Twin Track Day

Presented by Pacific Track Time

On July 15-16 Pacific Track Time and Hot Bike Magazine present the Kraus Moto & GP Suspension V-Twin Track Day at Buttonwillow Raceway, sponsored by Fab28.Industries and GPR Stabilizers. If you like to get after it on your V-twin, this is a great opportunity to come play with us at the track!

All riders need to wear:

  • Either a 1 piece or a 2-piece zip-together leather suit

  • A Dot or Snell approved full-face helmet with face Shield

  • Leather Gloves that fully cover the wrist

  • Riding boots that fully cover the ankles

vtwin track day buttonwillow raceway

Knee-draggin’ time!

Courtesy of PTT

Bike requirements:

  • All headlights taillights and blinkers need to be taped or removed

  • Both tires and brakes need to be in good riding condition

  • Removal of mirrors is mandatory

Pacific Track Time is the event provider. Everyone who is riding needs to sign up with them. Prices are $240 for both days or $160 for a single-day pass. Any and all levels of riding experience are welcome, so come on out and LET’S RIP!