Kaoko E-Z Cruise Control – Lock And Roll

Instant Cruise Control

1. For this installation we opted for the chrome Torpedo (MSRP $195.00) E-Z Cruise Control. The kit comes with two Torpedos, the throttle side (right) and a matching unit for the left side.

2. Black Dog Cycle Works has applications for all 1990 and later Harley-Davidsons and will work with rubber grips as well as aftermarket grips with removable end caps.

3. We started the installation by using a knife to cut out the end of the rubber grip.

4. Then the Torpedo for the throttle side was slid into the grip end and torqued to spec.

5 & 6. In a matter of minuets both right and left side Torpedos were installed.

7. When it came to using the E-Z Cruise Control all we needed to do was grip the friction nut (serrated portion) between our pinky finger and palm and rotate it so that it pinched or “locked” the throttle in place. Then we rotated the friction nut in the opposite direction to relieve the throttle. When in the locked position, the friction nut is set up so that you can still open and close the throttle as needed, it’s just a little stiffer. A simple solution for much needed relaxation.

If you’ve ever been on a long-distance ride, then you know one of the first parts of your body to start complaining is your throttle arm/wrist, especially on those 50-mile straightaways. Of course, if your bike is equipped with factory cruise control or one of those under-the-grip throttle locks you’re all good. But if you don’t like the stock throttle lock or don’t have cruise control, you could spend hundreds of dollars and your precious time trying to get some wrist relief for those 1,000-mile iron butt runs.

One quick, easy, and inexpensive solution is the E-Z Cruise Control by Kaoko and supplied by Black Dog Cycle Works. With several styles and two finishes to choose from (chrome and black), in a matter of minutes you can give your wrist and arm the rest they need as you click away the miles.