Just In Case | Harley-Davidson Rain Gear

Used and Abused

Being prepared with appropriate riding gear can make or break the enjoyment factor of a motorcycle trip. Rain gear, specifically, really comes in handy when the heavens open up mid-ride. Harley-Davidson makes some pretty trick accessories for both men and women that are thin, lightweight, and easily packable to protect against the elements.

The Men’s Ride Ready Packable Rain Suit ($139-$159) available in S to 5XL is not breathable but lightweight and thoroughly protects undergarments from getting wet. It’s made of waterproof nylon and features a full mesh lining, a removable nylon hood that fits in the helmet somewhat comfortably, and 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material for staying visible. The pants fit over boots pretty easily, but the cuffs are a tad tight when getting over the boot ankle. And when wearing the pants, avoid any foot traffic; one of the stirrups broke the first day we used it. The suit is easy to fold up and stow away in the provided nylon storage bag when not in use and takes up very little space.

For the fairer sex, the Women’s Jettison Rain Suit ($99-$109) is available in XS to 3W and features an off-white design made of lightweight nylon. There is no liner in the Jettison jacket, but it’s comfortable over leathers, not too tight or restricting. The adjustable bungee cord hem keeps the water out and the jacket also folds up into the hood and disappears into almost nothing, which is great for space. The pants in the set feature heat-resistant shields on the inner portion of the legs to protect from exhaust heat. The pants’ elastic waist and stirrups keep them securely on your body over your jeans, and feature a reflective piping down the legs for visibility purposes.

If your boots aren’t waterproof, don’t fret; Harley makes a Rain Gaiter Lug Sole ($45) to fit over the boots that is available in S-M for women (sizes 6-10), and S-XL for men (sizes 6-13). The Rain Gaiter slides over boots and pants, and snugs up just under the knee via an elastic band to prevent slippage. Try these in light rain without rain pants or heavy rain with rain pants and you’ll be pleased with the protection.

**Ratings: *******
Quality of Product ****
Ease of Storage: *****
Ease of Use ****
Overall ****