Joker Cycle Works Gypsy Rose 1975 Harley Shovelhead Chopper

Jeremy Valentine's sexified rigid is named after famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee

Joker Cycle Works made the first vehicle I’ve ever seen that was named after a stripper. It’s usually the other way around. In the world of stage names, “Lexus” and “Porsche” are as common as “John” and “Dave” in real life. I mean, so I’m told. Also, the term stripper is watering things down a bit. Gypsy Rose Lee was not only a burlesque dancer in the 1930s, she knew how to work the crowd, putting the “tease” in striptease with humor and a sense of showmanship. She was also an author and a playwright.

Like the Gypsy Rose of stage and screen, this chopper is a high-class sexy thang. Bowers Paint even zapped its skins in a pigment named Too Sexy Red. Based around a ’75 Shovelhead powerplant rebuilt by Scott Church, it’s a minimalist motorcycle that mates a Sportster fork to a Paughco chopper chassis. While it packs its share of style, it doesn’t pack so much flavor as to overshadow rideability. Both the 21-inch front hoop and its 19-inch rear counterpart are shod in grippy, modern Pirelli rubber. That brake at the rear is also of the caliper-and-rotor variety and not your classic drum setup. Why, it’s almost as if this chopper was meant to be entertaining and not just a pretty face. Much like Gypsy Rose Lee herself.

Joker Cycles Gypsy Rose Shovelhead

Joker Cycle Works created “Gypsy Rose” in just 30 days.

Michael Lichter Photography

EC Customs airbox

That old Shovelhead didn’t stay stock though. Thanks to an S&S carb and EC Customs airbox, it has a little more grunt than it did in ’75.

Michael Lichter Photography

Smooth Mid-USA slash cuts

Smooth Mid-USA slash cuts whisk away the spent gases and look good doing it.

Michael Lichter Photography

21-inch wheel

It may be hard to tell because of the 21-inch wheel but Joker Cycle Works added 2 inches to the fork length.

Michael Lichter Photography

Mid-USA gas tank

The little Mid-USA gas tank looks like it was painted in lipstick.

Michael Lichter Photography

red pinstriping

Just plain red would have been kinda boring though. Bowers Paint kept things interesting with some cool pinstriping.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom oil tank

Joker Cycle Works’ own handiwork lives in the oil tank it made for Gypsy Rose.

Michael Lichter Photography

sinister seat solo saddle

Some folks might find the Sinister Seat solo saddle riveting.

Michael Lichter Photography