JakPak | Rain Jacket/Sleeping Bag/Tent Combo

Used And Abused

The JakPak ready for transformation.

If only I could make the cool Transformer sound effects when converting from jacket to tent.

As we all know, when it comes to packing for a road trip on our motorcycles, storage space is a big concern. So imagine my excitement when I came across the JakPak ($249.99), a waterproof jacket that can also be turned into a sleeping bag and then into a pop-up tent/shelter-essentially helping me eliminate several potentially bulky and space consuming items from my packing list.

According to the website, the JakPak is comprised of a patent-pending design that features a waterproof breathable jacket with an integrated shelter, mosquito netting, and sleeping bag. Made of urethane coated rip stop nylon and polyester body fabric, the JakPak is available in sizes small to extra large in two-tone green or most Harley fans colors of choice; back and grey. To read the full review on the JakPak check out the August 2011 issue of HOT BIKE.

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