Jackpot Milwaukee-Eight 2/1/2 Stainless Steel Head Pipe

From Fuel Moto Inc.

The Jackpot Milwaukee-Eight 2/1/2 Stainless Steel Head Pipe is designed to deliver top level performance and the ultimate in heat dissipation for both rider and passenger. The Jackpot head pipe accepts the factory M8 heat shields. Fuel Moto has made installation extremely easy by incorporating heat shield alignment tabs into the design. Featuring heavy duty .065 wall tubing, precise CNC formed mandrel bends, each pipe is beautifully crafted and TIG welded completely by hand. Also new for the 2017 Jackpot Headpipe is the exclusive Fuel Moto Tunable Collector Insert (TCI) for adjusting sound, horsepower and torque levels. It comes pre-installed and is easily removed with a single button head screw. Here’s a brief breakdown of more of the Jackpot’s features:

  • Heavy duty .065 Stainless Steel tubing throughout.

  • 18mm & 12mm oxygen sensor bungs to accommodate stock and wide band O2 sensors. Plugs are also included.

  • Exclusive large diameter merge collector with continuous stepped outlet sections

  • Accepts OEM and aftermarket 2.5” right side mufflers

  • Supports stock to 130+Hp builds

  • Includes new Fuel Moto exhaust port gaskets

  • Tunable Collector Insert (TCI)

  • Built 100% in the USA, Lifetime Warranty

Contact Fuel Moto at 920-423-3309, [email protected] or visit www.fuelmotousa.com for more info.

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By Fuel Moto USA