Inside The Motorcycle Industry

Read about Eric Herman’s new line of “Garage Art” and more.

**Garage Art For Your Home**
Well known for his original motorsport paintings on canvas and his highly collectable limited edition prints that fetch upwards of five figured price tags, famed artist Eric Herman has refined an old process, and developed a new line of ‘Garage Art’ paintings, that are of a reasonable price for the average joe. These aren’t computer generated, or airbrush art either, they are original paintings done with a brush and paint. Measuring 16 inches by 30 inches, sheetmetal panels are coated with black paint in a cross-hatch pattern that resembles a canvas finish. Eric then paints in a reverse fashion, using the black of the panel as a color. “It’s kind of like a Velvet Elvis or Jimi Hendrix poster from the ’60s and ’70s,” states Eric. Just email Eric a photo and in a few weeks you’ll have a unique piece ranging from $400 for an original painting to $500 for a work of art with your vehicle and lettering.
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**Guess Who’s Back**
MC Advantages recently announced the return of S&S; Cycle to MC Advantages. “We are excited to once again be carrying S&S; Cycle products,” said Steve Campbell, president of MC Advantages. “It shows MC Advantages is committed to quality parts and servicing the market with the finest parts on the market. We truly appreciate the return of our S&S; dealer base and were surprised at how quickly the phone started ringing!”

**Seeing Stars**
Star Brite, the manufacturer of Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment, recently teamed up with two major players in the power sports industry, Lynn Vick and Parts Unlimited. Star Tron is a fuel additive and “cure” for the negative effects of Ethanol-blended gasoline. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment works in all gas engines.

**Hard Rock and Roll**
The Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse and its rolling fleet of customs was proud to participate in New Orleans’ first annual Bike Week, held May 6-10, 2009. The Roadhouse was open daily and showcased the latest work from some of today’s hottest custom bike builders, including Athena “Chickie” Ransom of Vagabond Choppers, Bill Dodge of Bling’s Cycles, Paul Wideman of Bare Knuckle Choppers and Paul Yaffee of Paul Yaffee Originals. The builders kicked off the inaugural event at the New Orleans Harley-Davidson Biker Bash with a traditional rock ‘n’ roll Hard Rock Guitar Smash helping to get New Orleans Bike Week off to a great start. “New Orleans Bike Week was a great event, and we were happy to be part of it,” said Carrie Repp, producer of the Hard Rock Roadhouse and owner of R&R; promotions. “The city of New Orleans and the bike week organizers were extremely welcoming, and we’re confident New Orleans is on its way to becoming a major destination on the motorcycle rally circuit.”

**Put the Smog Check in Check!**
Thanks to the efforts of thousands of AMA members and other concerned motorcyclists, the sponsor of a proposed a California law to require motorcycles to undergo periodic exhaust emissions testing has backed away from the idea. The measure, Senate Bill 435 introduced this year by state Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Santa Monica), would have required all model year 2000-and-newer on-road motorcycles with engine displacements of more than 280cc to be tested every two years. The motorcycles would have been included in the state Department of Consumer Affairs “smog check” program, which involves testing for unacceptable levels of pollutants in emissions. “This is an initial victory for California motorcyclists, but we can’t let our guard down just yet,” said Nick Haris, AMA western states representative. “Senators deserve credit for recognizing how this proposal would have created an added burden for motorcyclists, motorcycle businesses, and the cash-starved state bureaucracy, and they reworked the measure to limit its scope to focus on catalytic converters. The bill is on its way to the state Assembly, but we have to remain vigilant because it could revert back to its original form.” California’s motorcycle engine emission standards are already the strictest in the nation and, because of their relatively low yearly mileage totals when compared to other vehicles, the state’s motorcycles have the lowest emissions of any motor vehicle category in California. The emissions testing provision was dropped out of the bill and it cleared the Senate on June 1. The measure is now in the Assembly for consideration, where it could be further amended.