Indian Motorcycle Relaunches 116 Big Bore Kit

Connecting-rod issues are fixed and the hop-up kit is back on the market

116 big bore kit on 2019 Indian Chieftain Limited

Indian Motorcycle’s 116 Big Bore Kit on a 2019 Chieftain Limited

Indian Motorcycle

When Indian Motorcycle first released its 116 Big Bore Kit, riders were eager for a factory hop-up kit and quickly seized the opportunity for more power. But, as we all know, riders looking for that extra boost are rarely satisfied and enough is never really enough. So while the connecting rods were fine on the 116 as it came from the factory, any additional upgrades would increase the stress to a level they just couldn’t handle and it would result in some failures. Necessarily, Indian Motorcycle pulled all of these units off the shelves and started working on updating the kit with new, sturdier parts.

But now here is some good news for those looking to get a little more out of their Indian Chiefs and Chieftains—Indian claims to have fixed the problem and is rereleasing the 116 Big Bore Kit! Below is an official statement we’ve received from Indian’s Product Development Supervisor Sam Dando addressing the previous issues and explaining what they did to fix it.

“We are excited to announce the relaunch of Indian Motorcycle’s 116 Big Bore Kit upgrade for Thunder Stroke 111-powered motorcycles.

“This kit originally debuted in November 2017. Over its first few months on the market, it came to our attention that in a small percentage of instances, the connecting rod was failing under certain conditions. At Indian Motorcycle, it’s our steadfast commitment to maintain the highest quality standards and integrity of our products and ultimately the confidence of our customers. For this reason, despite the small percentage of failures, we made the decision to suspend further sale of the product, until the connecting-rod issue could be rectified.

“After making necessary adjustments by adding a set of high-performance connecting rods, and significant testing to ensure the product meets the premium quality, performance, and reliability standards that every Indian Motorcycle product upholds, we are now relaunching the 116 Big Bore Kit for sale at Indian Motorcycle dealers across the country.”