The Hot Seat | 11 Questions With Chris Richardson

LA Speed Shop

Describe yourself in three words?
Simple, genuine, trustworthy.

Three things you love?
Family, guns, and sex.

Three things you hate?
Liars, thieves, and fake people.

Why the motorcycle industry?
It was a hobby that turned into a job. I loved working on old cars and bikes and when the opportunity came to open my own business I did. I started off doing cars and bikes, but eventually the bikes just took over. It worked out for the best because bikes take up less room and I think they’re more fun to work on.

What is the future of the motorcycle industry?
For me, being a one-man operation, I look at it from a business standpoint and keep thinking of new ideas to build bikes. It’s all about being creative and putting a little twist on how you can do the same thing but just a little better every time.

What is your biggest regret?
Not getting a chance to go to Italy with my grandfather before he passed away.

What is your greatest achievement?
Being a daddy to my two daughters.

Who inspires you?
My grandfather, Alfred Tedesco. He taught me welding, metal fabrication, and respect for the meaning of hard work.

What was your first bike?
A ’66 Shovelhead that I tore apart and rebuilt myself in the family garage

What is your all-time favorite bike?
My ’47 Knucklehead dubbed Bean & Cheese

What are you currently building?
I currently have three builds going at the same time. A ’48 Panhead for The Artistry in Iron show, a ’67 Triumph for Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” fame, and a collaborative Knucklehead land speed bike with Street Chopper magazine and Sailor Jerry Rum.

Any last words?
I’m horrible at getting my thoughts straight to answer questions and speak publicly. I usually just draw a blank so I try to let my work speak for me. You can check out such work at