The Hot Seat | 11 Questions With Aaron Glenn

Glenndyne Design’s Young Gun Shares Some Love

Describe yourself in three words.
Honest, innovative, determined.

Why the motorcycle industry?
I have been around motorcycles all my life. I took to art and designing at a very young age so what better platform than a highly visible, functioning piece of equipment like a motorcycle?

What do you see in the industry’s crystal ball?
_I see an accelerated growth in trends and innovation. With all the instant media and social networking, everyone knows what everyone is doing so there are no surprises, just more fuel for creativity. _

What is your greatest accomplishment?
_Besides becoming a father, it would have to be continuing to develop innovative ideas from paper into functioning, desirable objects while balancing overall design with aesthetics and harmony. _

Favorite all-time motorcycle?
_I honestly do not have one. I like so many for so many different reasons. Maybe that’s why I want to keep them all. _

Who inspires you?
My children. They are the fuel I never knew I needed. And I was already running on premium so look out, industry!

What’s your biggest regret?
_Having an idea and setting it on the back burner too long. In this industry, you better act fast. _

What is your proudest moment?
Again becoming a father but since readers probably want to hear something motorcycle related, I would have to say seeing the internal brake concept roll down the highway in Sturgis with passing cars swerving off the road staring at the wheels. At that point I knew we were blowing minds…

Favorite place on Earth?
_Every day is great if you’re “on it” and not “in it.” _

Biggest pet peeve?
_Egos in the industry. It comes with the territory but seriously, do your own version of cool because the industry is filled with a lot of talent and working together fuels everyone’s creative mind…but be original. _

What are you currently working on?
_I could tell you but you wouldn’t believe it haha…let’s just say we are not working baggers that look like carnival rides! _

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