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A truly badass bike not only has to look like it has an attitude, it has to sound like it, too. Howard's Hog Horns' new Dynamic Duo air horns emit a whopping 130-plus dB.

A truly badass bike not only has to look like it has an attitude, it has to sound like it, too. Howard’s Hog Horns’ new Dynamic Duo air horns emit a whopping 130-plus dB.

**Soundsational**A truly badass bike not only has to look like it has an attitude, it has to sound like it, too. Howard’s Hog Horns’ new Dynamic Duo air horns emit a whopping 130-plus dB. They feature a patented mounting system that mounts the trumpets and horn cover on one bracket. The air induction system works off a single manifold, which allows use of only one air hose, since twice the pressure equals more sound. All horns contain a removable back (sound unit) for cleaning and maintenance.For more information, contact Howard’s Hog Horns, (770) 992-0034, [](

**Big Ass Bags**It often happens that when you’re packing for a trip you always find one last thing that you just can’t squeeze in. Sumax’s Big Ass Bags have 2 extra inches at the bottom and 3 extra inches at the top, resulting in 30-percent more cargo space than your average saddlebags. They’ll not only accommodate that last thing but will also leave room for more. These composite-glass saddlebags are lightweight yet strong and durable, with a soft sprayed interior lining and a sandable primer-gelcoat-finished exterior. Rear paintable metal torque hinges hold the lid in place as you open or close the bag. Up front is a chrome lockable latch. The bags are double-sealed, making them watertight. They fit ’97-up Harley FLT models.For more information, contact Sumax, (315) 768-1058, [](

**Traveling First Class**If you have a chopper you value more than life itself, you’ll want to minimize the road grime you pick up going to that must-attend bike show. The Kendon Stand-Up Chopper Trailer will deliver your ride safely and in style. The attractive high-gloss black powdercoating is nuclear attack-resistant, and the contrasting polished aluminum diamond plate does justice to any custom two-wheeler. Fullsize, trailer-specific wheels and tires make towing a dream. Kendon’s Chopper Trailer stands up in the corner of any garage (standing height is 88 inches). It doesn’t occupy valuable floor space when not in use and easily transitions from the standing position to the level position without you needing to have Superman’s muscle.For more information, contact Kendon Industries, (714) 630-7144, [](

**Deadringers**If you missed your calling as an orthopedist but still find yourself fascinated with skulls and bones, it’s not too late. Jewelers Inc. offers Deadringers, a line of skull rings with unique designs and intricate details, from “Horned Demons” to the disturbingly realistic “Classic Skull” and “Armageddon.” A combination of sterling silver and 18k yellow gold is individually custom-made to the each customer’s specifications, completely hand-finished, and then numbered and signed by the artist.For more information, contact Jewelers Inc., [](

**All-Purpose Cloth**Don’t let its appearance deceive you. Mikey’s Cloth is not your average fabric. It cleans, shines, and protects all at once. Mikey’s Cloth boasts of more than 1,001 uses, including removing rust, oxidation, and corrosion from virtually all metals; removing surface scratches from painted metals; and cleaning road film fromglass. It requires no wetting.For more information, contact Mikey’s Cloth, (909) 664-5402, [](

**It’s the Clear Winner**A good reason why manufacturers haven’t installed windshield wipers on your goggles or helmet face shields is that they would look too idiotic. Race Shop has recently released its solution to the wiper problem with ClearWinner, guaranteed to improve your visibility in extreme weather conditions. Simply mist the product on your goggles, face shield, or windshield, and watch as water just beads up and blows off while you ride. The water-based ClearWinner is safe to use on Lexan, plexiglass, fiberglass, plastic, and glass. ClearWinner is offered in both a ready-to-use formula (available in 4oz and 8oz sizes), and in the Super Concentrate formulation in 1oz to 1-gallon sizes.For more information, contact Race Shop, (608) 347-3963.

**Do the Twist**Inspired by the company’s Indian Larry Signature Series electric start kit, Tech Cycle’s “Twister” contoured one-piece motorplate for four-speed-style trannies combines the strength of a one-piece motorplate with the contoured look of Tech’s two-piece start kits to form a true piece of engineering beauty. Now you can have the clean look found on Indian Larry’s bikes with the extra strength the real world demands. As with any Tech four-speed start kit, a Tornado starter is included. An open-primary beltdrive system is also available.For more information, contact Tech Cycle, (215) 702-1482, [](

**Join the Light Parade**Light up the night with Roundeyes’ Ultra Bright LED lights. Since they use only 350 milliamps of current, they allow extensive lighting performance for hours without draining your motorcycle battery. Waterproof and virtually indestructible, the lights will showcase your motor and wheels. They are available in red, blue, green, clear, and amber.
For more information, contact Roundeyes, (530) 642-8003, [](

**Spaced Out**Drag Specialties’ rear pulley spacers will help you install that wide rear tire. With polished aluminum construction, they’re available in a variety of sizes.For more information, visit [](