Hot Bike Interrogation with Timothy James Howley

Hard talking with the hard rocker

Timothy James Howley out for a cruise.

Timothy James Howley

Full Name: Timothy James Howley

Birthplace: Uniondale, NY @ Nassau County Medical Center
Home Town: Amityville, NY
What’s Your Handle: @TimTSHW // @TombstoneHardware

What’s Your Website?

What do you do?
I play guitar in a band called Fit For An Autopsy and I own/operate a clothing company called Tombstone Hardware.

Describe yourself in three words?
Bikes, Hockey, and Metal.

When did you first start riding?
When I was 21. One day I was hanging out with my dad out back while he was working on his Shovel. I never really got into it until he had me sit on the bike. It was kinda funny how it just clicked. He agreed to go halves on an Ironhead with me. I ended up working on it so much that my dad just sold it and bought an 03 sportster for me to start on. That’s when the slippery slope started.

Some Tombstone Hardware gear

Timothy James Howley

What do you ride?
Currently I have a 1980 FXE and a 1982 FXR. In the Superglide, I had the motor stroked out to a 98 inches. Still running the stock FXE frame and tin set. I always loved the look of a stock Superglide. The FXR is currently being rebuilt. I’m dropping a worked Evo in it as well as upgrading the trans, primary, and front end.

What is your dream bike?
My dream bike was always a Shovel FXR. I got one and realized that frame craved a better motor. Currently I’m building my dream bike. I’m turning that FXR into a 90s-era clubstyle bike. Lowered and murdered out. Always loved lowered FXRs.

Why do you ride?
Honestly as corny of a reason it is, it’s an escape. It gives me a chance to literally disregard everything and just be in tune with myself and the bike. To me, everything that comes with the culture is sick. Building, modifying, riding, friends. All of it.

What is your greatest life achievement so far?
I’d probably say that being 28 years old and traveling the world with some of my closest friends is pretty cool. Doing the band thing since I was 18 has been rough but it has some sick payoffs. We’re heading out in February and March to play some shows in Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Timothy James Howley

Timothy James Howley performing in his band Fit For An Autopsy

Timothy James Howley

What has been your biggest regret to date?
Not heeding the advice of my elders. When I was younger I made a lot of mistakes that I wouldn’t have if I had just listened to people like my dad. Some of those things I look back on and think, “I’m an idiot.”

What or who inspires you?
Everyday I’m inspired by my peers and just the hard work that I see people putting in. Guitar-wise you have guys like Wes Hauch and Mateus Asato who, even though are on opposite sides of the guitar spectrum, make me want to play guitar 30 hours a day so I can be as good as they are. On the bike side, I’m even more inspired by guys who just kill it on builds. Some of my best friends build the sickest bikes and it makes me just want to strive for things I didn’t know I could do.

Any last words?
I’ll save those for when I’m on my death bed.