Hot Bike Buyer’s Guide

Edelbrock, Hyperformance And More Performance Parts!

Feuling Adjustable Pushrods $199.00

  • Increased stiffness and column rigidity maximizes valve-train stability, increasing horsepower and torque output
  • Designed to exceed the needs of performance engines using larger lift camshafts and high spring pressures while maintaining proper oil flow to springs, valves, rockers, shafts, and valve guides
  • CNC-machined with a standard wall thickness of .095-inch, and race wall thickness of .120-inch
    For more information, contact Feuling Oil Pump Corporation at (619) 917-6222, or visit

Edelbrock 95-inch Twin Cam Performer RPM Power Package $2,372.95

  • Kit includes round port cylinder heads, camshafts, pistons, adjustable pushrods, and all gaskets needed for the kit installation
  • Utilizes the stock throttle body/manifold assembly
  • Comes with a CD-ROM with specific fuel calibrations for popular aftermarket pipes
    For more information, contact Edelbrock at (310) 781-2222, or visit

Gates Performance 106-inch Motor $9,000.00

  • Hi-Squish chambered heads, dual plugs, micro-polished and hard-coated titanium valves, titanium top collars and radiused titanium keepers, and show quality polishing
  • Unique Gates piston design featuring ceramic top and anti-friction skirt coatings
  • All Gates engines are built to customer specifications
    Other displacements and custom finishes are also available
    For more information contact Gates Performance at (517) 675-7105, or visit

Horsepower Inc. Throttle Body $699.00

  • Throttle bodies show a substantial increase in flow over stock units, netting higher horsepower and torque gains
  • EFI components ranging from 48mm-62mm throttle bodies for Harley-Davidson motorcycles from ’95 to ’07
  • Units come with a matched intake manifold and are satin-finished, but black powdercoat is available
    For more information, contact Horsepower Inc. at (814) 836-5782, or visit

JIMS 120-inch Twin Cam Evo Mount Race Engine $7,260.99

  • Bolts right onto your Evo mount
  • Kit fits ’91 to ’98 Touring, FXR/Dyna, and ’91 to ’99 Softail models
  • Motors available at all authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships
    For more information, contact JIMS USA at (805) 482-6913, or visit

Patrick Racing Power Kit for Twin Cam Motors $6,800.00

  • Send them your motor for a complete upgrade
  • Complete CNC-ported billet heads with matching billet cylinders to increase Twin Cam Power
  • Retains the stock cases, no hassles with the DMV
  • Timken bearing replacement available on ’03 and later Twin Cams
  • Complete motors are also available
    For more information, contact Patrick Racing at (714) 554-7223, or visit

R&R; Cycles, Inc. Evo Style 155-inch Billet Engine $12,650.00

  • 100-percent 6061-T65 Billet, from crankcases to rocker boxes
  • Manufactured using 100-percent American-made parts
  • Check their website for complete dyno tests
    For more information, contact R&R; Cycles at (603) 645-1488, or visit

Revolution Performance 107-inch Big Bore Kit $999.95

  • Kit includes all aluminum cylinders with nickel-silicon-carbide electroplated bores
  • Also included are forged pistons in several compression ratios and high-performance head gaskets
  • Lifetime warranty against warping and/or plating defects
    For more information, contact Revolution Performance at (866) 892-2109, or visit

RF2 Performance Jetscream $69.00

  • Aluminum honeycomb mesh is placed in front of the intake of your V-Twin engine to control air intake into the motor
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Improves engine operation efficiency and gets better gas mileage
    For more information, contact RF2 Performance at (800) 291-6003, or visit

STD Twin Cam Heads $1,499.00

  • Aluminum cylinder heads for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engine
  • Heads allow the engine to breathe better than stock and can boost the output of a 95-inch Twin Cam up to 110 horsepower
  • Complete, ready to bolt-on assemblies available, or come completely bare
  • Special cylinder heads are also available for modified Twin-Cam engines with displacements up to 131 cubic inches
    For more information, contact STD Development at (818) 998-8226, or visit

S&S; EPA-Certified Motor $5,709.95

  • Fully-assembled EPA-certified engine packages are ready to install in new builds for custom ’84 to ’99-style Big Twin chassis
  • Available in 96-inch, 113-inch, and 124-inch displacements with a choice of natural, black, or polished finishes
  • 96-inch engine comes with the S&S; Super Stock ignition; 113-inch and 124-inch engines come with the S&S; IST ignition
    For more information, visit

Stevenson’s Cycle Shovelhead Split Rocker Boxes $599.95

  • Fit all Shovelhead motors manufactured from ’66 to ’84, and all aftermarket motors using the same type of rocker box
  • Kit includes brand new rocker boxes in raw metal form, with all the machined areas finished, and an exterior copper oil line kit
  • Once the finishing touches are put on, the boxes can be sent out to chrome, polish, or powdercoat, or just left in rough form
    For more information, contact Stevenson’s Cycle at (734) 641-2200, or visit

Doherty Machine Powerpacc EFI Super $197.96

  • Intake system for all EFI-equipped machines
  • Provides increased efficiency and longevity
  • Specially designed venturi creates an induction path providing unobstructed airflow, which boosts horsepower and torque
  • System is made from billet aluminum, hardware made from stainless steel
    _For more information, contact Doherty Machine at (800) 956-9409, or visit _

TP Engineering EPA-Certified Motors $7,373.00

  • All engines include the Smart Pump, which routes oil to the oil filter before it enters the engine, and delivers a constant flow of oil to the top-end and bottom-end of the engine at all times
  • Remote-mounted single-fire ignition with crankshaft-position sensor
  • Pro-Vent chromed billet rocker boxes
  • Available in a variety of finishes
    For more information, contact TP Engineering at (866) 873-6446, or visit

Ultima 127-inch Drive Train Assemblies $9,400

  • Complete Drive Train packages available
  • Featuring a 2.0 KW Ultima Thunderfire Starter & transmission
  • Choose natural, black, or polished finish
    For more information, visit

Zipper’s Performance Red Shift Cams $199.95

  • Camshafts for Twin Cam, Evolution, Sportster, and Buell
  • Ground from 8620 steel billet, each cam is timed by hand in special fixtures to assure accuracy
  • Available in gear or chain drive tensions
    _For more information, contact Zipper’s Performance at (410) 579-2828, or visit _

T-Man 110 Piston $406.00

  • Piston is designed for the 110-inch head chamber
  • Custom-forged piston with large valve pocket worth 15 ccs
  • Compression ratio from 10.5 to 12.1 depending on head chamber
  • No special machining needed
    For more information, contact T-man Performance at (336) 993-7068, or visit

Kryakyn Wild Things Forged Heads for Twin Cams $1,995.99

  • Fully CNC-machined ports, chambers, and exterior
  • Efficient bathtub combustion chambers
  • Set up to take up to .640-inch lift cam
  • Proprietary valves designed on the flow bench to match Wild Things ports
  • Hard valve seats for use with lead-free fuel
  • Intake Ports: 3/8-inch raised high flow and high velocity with 1.980-inch stainless intake valves
    For more information, contact Kryakyn at (866) 277-9598, or visit

Hyperformance Hop-Up Kits $7,900.00

  • Integrates ductile iron cylinders with a variety of large cubic inch engines
  • Transforms the 113-inch single cam into a 127-inch in various stages and the 124-inch Twin Cam into the 131-inch engine
  • Heads are CNC-ported using the special CSFA Dyno program
    For more information, contact Hyperformance at (515) 266-6381, or visit