HOT BIKE Best of 2014/ Bagger Builder

Covingtons Cycle City reigns supreme

Based out of the middle of the country in Woodward, Oklahoma, Covingtons Cycle City produces some of the highest-quality showbike builds that are made to be ridden from coast to coast. The bikes that come out of the shop are not only worthy of first-place trophies at any show and shine, but they are able to be ridden hard and long.

With West Coast flair, mixed with a mid-country style, Covingtons makes some of the finest baggers anywhere in the world. But these builds are from surface bolt-ons with many having massive fabrication and motor work. There are few builders who can take apart every nut and bolt of a bike and put it back together with more style, power, and reliability. Covingtons Cycles does that and more.

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