Hogpro’s Smooth Bottom Leg Kit – Nice Legs

1. Hogpro’s Smooth Bottom Leg kit on an ’06 RK.

2. The kit comes with everything you need to dress up your drab FL frontend. Included is a set of matching upper cans (chrome or black) (A), universal fender brackets (fit 16-18 wheels or flip them over to fit 21-inch wheels) (B), smooth and rounded lower legs available in either single or dual caliper setup (C), tapered stainless steel wheel spacers (D), and a new (shorter) axle (E).

3. The polished upper cans and lower legs look out of place and unfinished, especially on this ’06 Road King, with its massive sea of flowing chrome on the headlight nacelle and upper tins. Then there’s the axle and its hardware-a very utilitarian setup which doesn’t do anything to dress up the look of the frontend. However, it’s easily fixed.

4. Hogpro tech Ron Elkin started the leg swap by removing the axle, wheel, and front fender. Then he pulled the nacelle apart so he could remove the legs from the triple trees, and then unbolt the stock cans from the lower triple tree.

5. The Hogpro Smooth bottom legs replace the stock lower legs, and you retain your stock inner fork leg/suspension assembly, which means your frontend will feel and ride exactly as it did before. With both legs removed, Ron poured out the old fork oil, pulled the lower legs apart and removed the old fork seals. If you were planning on lowering the front of your bike, now would be a good time to do so.

6. Next, Ron installed new seals from James Gaskets, reassembled the legs, and poured in fresh fork leg fluid.

7&8. On the left is the fender bracket mounted for 16-18-inch wheels (fender mounting holes facing downward red arrow). On the right the bracket was flipped around to accommodate 21-inch wheels (mounting holes facing upward blue arrow).

9. With the new chrome cans bolted to the lower triple tree (arrow), Ron slid the fork legs into the trees and tightened them down.

10. The right side Hogpro lower fork leg is threaded…

11. …so the new(lower)can screw into the fork leg. The axle doesn’t protrude through the fork legs like the stock setup does. It makes for a very clean, hidden look.

12. With the nacelle back together and the fender re-installed, Ron slipped the wheel and fender spacers into place then threaded the axle into the right fork leg. A brass axle stop on the under side of the left fork leg helps keep the axle secured in place.

13. Then to hide the left side of the axle a cap is slipped into place.

14. Here’s the completed installation.

15&16. Here you can see the smooth transition of chrome from the nacelle to the fork can and fork leg, as opposed to the stock polished setup.

17&18. Down below you can see how things were really cleaned up with the hidden axle, contoured fender struts, and hardly noticeable caliper mounts, compared to the stock legs

From the factory, the FL frontend does a decent job of absorbing bumps and inconsistencies in the road, and provides a smooth and stable ride. What it lacks, however-unless you purchase a CVO model or frontend upgrade kit before you roll off the showroom floor-is style.

Many people (even us) compare the looks of a motorcycle to those of a beautiful woman: smooth, flowing lines and soft, supple curves. In that regard, the stock FL frontend, with its polished upper cans and polished/textured lower legs, isn’t much to brag to the boys at the bar about. Then when you throw in the clunky fender and caliper mounts, protruding axle ends, and related hardware, it’s like looking at the eggshell-white legs of a 60-year-old lady with varicose veins-nothing sexy about that at all.

Hogpro in Canoga Park, CA, has a solution to whip your FL legs into shape with its Smooth Bottom Leg Kit. Available in shiny chrome or sinister black powdercoat ($899.95), the highlight of the kit is the smooth, tapered lower legs and hidden axle. Another cool thing about the kit is that it features adjustable fender mounts (for 16-21-inch wheels). Within a few hours you can turn your stock granny legs into a pair of slim, shapely, clean-shaven legs that’ll turn heads like those of a 21-year-old cheerleader.

We had an ’06 Road King that was in need of a frontend makeover, so we headed over to Hogpro for the swap.