HOG SKINS Paint Protection Kits

Have We Got A Surprise For You And Your Harley

For the 1st time ever you can now professionally protect the paint on your fairing, fender, foot fairings, tank and saddlebags yourself. That’s right, yourself. It’s patent-pending and it’s one of a kind.

Walk into your local HARLEY-DAVIDSON store and ask for HOG SKINS Paint Protection or go to their website and you choose from seven different retail kits that include everything needed for you to haul it home and truly apply professional quality paint protection skins on your ride.

We’ve tried HOG SKINS and yes they’re for real. There’s nothing like it, it’s that simple and by the way, if you haven’t been to their website go now and you’ll see this isn’t those other internet kits. Watch the HOG SKINS application videos and you will see how easy they are.

All seven of their paint protection kits include everything needed to guarantee an instantly crystal clear protection for your bagger and yes you can apply HOG SKINS yourself. The only thing you will need when you haul em home in your saddlebag is an extra set of hands, a table and direct lighting. As they say, “Protect It n Let’s Ride, see why we’re so easy at. “