Harley Upgrade

RC Components Wheels

This ’04 Dyna LowRider is ready to hit the streets with new RC Components wheels, rotors, and pulley.

Here are the chromed Pacific 19×2.15-inch front and 16×3.50 rear wheels (MSRP $806 each), along with the matching front and rear brake rotors ($149 each) and 70-tooth pulley ($415). RC Components supplied all the required hardware, including a pulley spacer.

Here is a “before” shot of the Dyna, up on the lift and ready to be worked on, with stock H-D mag wheels.

Here, Matt takes off the front brake caliper and axle before removing the front wheel.

We reused the stock 19-inch Dunlop tire, which had plenty of tread life remaining. If you’re on a budget and your old tires are in good shape, it’s possible to swap them to your new wheels if they are the same size.

Red Loctite was applied to the rotor mounting bolts before…

…tightening the chrome button-head bolts to 20 lb-ft.

After mounting the rear tire, the 1/4-inch pulley spacer was placed onto the wheel hub before the pulley was positioned.

Next, the chrome Allens were torqued to 60 lb-ft before adding the rear brake rotor and torquing to 40 lb-ft.

For best performance and safety, both wheel assemblies were dynamically balanced.

Here is the final look of the rear wheel/pulley with the stock Dunlop 150/80-16 tire.

Matt reinstalled the finished front wheel, then…

…put the new rear wheel in. At this point it’s important to check belt alignment and tension before tightening the rear axle nut.

Outside in the sun, the new RC Comp Pacific wheel with complementary rotor looks great. The five-spoke design really sets this Dyna apart from the pack.

One of the most straightforward ways to dress up your new Harley Davidson is with a new set of wheels. With today’s computer-controlled cutting technologies, almost any pattern or shape you like can be machined into wheel designs. To add another level of customization, the brake rotors and final-drive belt pulley can be matched to the design of your new wheels. Aside from the good looks afforded by new wheels, many of the quality forged-aluminum wheels are lighter and stronger than their stock counterparts. This reduces unsprung weight and improves handling and braking.

We contacted RC Components to ask about the company’s new wheels for Dyna applications. RC Components has 35 different models of forged-aluminum wheels with matching pulleys and rotors, including its new line of Spinners wheels. Depending on the look you are after, sizes are available from stock to wide tire. Just remember that when replacing wheels with sizes other than stock, more modifications (money) are usually required to adjust swingarms, forks, and tires, to name just a few.

Follow along as Wheel Works in Garden Grove, CA, takes us through the wheel and tire install. It’s only a one- to two-hour job to remove and replace the wheels. You can be riding a new-looking machine in no time.

Pacific Wheels: $806/ea.
Pacific Rotors: $149/ea.
Pulley: $415
Pulley Spacer: $7
Chrome Rotor Hardware: $7/wheel
Chrome Allens for Pulley: $9
Total: $2355