Harley Sportster Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch

New from Iacona Custom Cycles

The switch is used for custom Sportsters and OEM stock replacements. The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is fabricated to attach on the Sportster primary cover in an easy-to-reach location, thus cleaning up the engine cradle area.

“Our award winning custom bikes have become our R&D platform for custom parts,” explained Steven Iacona, president. “The ignition switch is the first of our next twenty parts that are scheduled to be released in the coming twelve to eighteen months.”

The switch features an off/on/start with return-to-run position. It works like an automotive ignition switch and can be very easily installed, with all necessary wiring directions and installation hardware included.

The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is available in 3 finishes, including brushed, polished and black anodized.

About Iacona Custom Cycles

Iacona Custom Cycles is a Brooklyn, NY based customizer specializing in building, fabricating, and servicing Harley Davidson motorcycles. Their mission is to build the most unique, innovative and high quality motorcycles and motorcycle parts available today.

harley sportster aftermarket ignition switch

The kit comes with a CNC-machined billet aluminum barrel, Diamond Engineering’s stainless steel mounting screws, set screws, nuts, connectors and a marine grade ignition/starter switch for added water and vibration-resistance.

Courtesy of Iacona Custom Cycles