Harley-Davidson Road King Goes Long

A custom bagger stretched to fit

At a motorcycle expo held in Boston, Bobby Wronski Jr. came across a friendly group surrounding the Infocus Mobile Audio (IMA) booth manned by owner Justin O’Neil. Justin saw Bobby’s interest in a custom bagger as they talked about what was on display and tried to spark an interest in moving forward with a build. Bobby had been into motorcycles for quite some time, having grown up with dirt bikes, and even went through a “chopper” phase, but he never quite liked it. However, the big-wheel customs he saw made him fall in love with two wheels again.

With his 6-foot-6 frame Bobby knew he would need something very custom to fit his ride requirements and thus was not quite ready to dive into such a project at first. In the meantime, he continued to run into IMA and even started hanging out at the shop with the riding crew to talk about bikes. Plus, it allowed him to gawk at a few scoots that some of the guys put quite a few miles on. Bobby kept mentioning he would buy one, however none of the crew believed him. Eventually at the Rockingham Park show held in Salem, New Hampshire, he took the price thrown out by Justin on an in-house project sitting around.

With IMA building this during the six-month New England winter, Bobby couldn’t wait to straddle his first-ever purchased motorcycle and put on quite a few miles while cruising around the Laconia, New Hampshire, lake district during the summer.

Not your stock Road King off the Harley-Davidson showroom floor, now is it?

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Soon after buying it, Bobby would sit with Justin to go over style, wheel size, frame, etc., after doing some research on his own to discover what he would like as the resulting style. A big wheel with stretch and Justin’s subtle yet heavy custom styling were decided as the way to go.

A set of Twisted Choppers straight pipes that hugs closely to the motor were added for tone.

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Justin pulled out the 2016 Chassis Design Works Road King rolling chassis to dust it off and give it a fresh reboot on one of the stands in the IMA shop. From among the parts he’d been collecting for the last three years, a 2013 V-twin with a 103ci displacement was used, to which the cover lettering was painted red to flow the with other red accents expected in the design.

Up close and personal with the nacelle headlight

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The Harley nacelle headlight kept its stock trim but was angled to fit the 30-inch wheel. The gauge cluster was countersunk into it so the design flowed together with a lip to blend the two together with some lines creating a great eye-appeasing end result.

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Apehanger bars

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After a couple of fitments with Bobby, they decided the Camtech Custom Baggers 12-inch apehanger was a perfect fit over the 14-inch solution. With 2014 Harley hand controls placed like a touring bike and wiring hidden within the bars for a clean look, Bobby is able to have full control over his phone while it’s charging in the bags.

Von Stitch supplied the custom seat, using red stitching in the process.

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IMA gave the former Road King air suspension for low-slung looks on tap, as wanted.

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Stereo lids.

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With no front audio intended so as to keep things simple, the rear needed something obnoxiously loud, for which IMA is infamous. IMA put in four 6 x 9-inch Rockfords with a two-channel Rockford amp that would also allow both bags to be usable.

Afterhours Paint Works out of Kingston, New Hampshire, painted the bike PPG Harley Vivid glass black while Ronnie Hatem pinstriped most of the panels in red and gunmetal colors to tie everything in.

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The gauge mount was custom fabricated in-house to contain the Dakota Digital gauges.

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It would just so happen that the in-house project Justin was building for himself was shelved for being too large a bike for him to ride; the frame stretch was 5 inches back with a 4-inch rise. It was, however, a great fit for Bobby. The classic-styled 30-inch wheel is a one-off designed by Justin with Thompson Machine, which was dubbed the “Windham Edition”; however, only the prototype was made before Thompson Machine sadly closed its doors.