Harley Davidson Cruz Tools Socket Set

Big Power In A Small Package

This ultra-cool mini mechanic-grade tool set from Cruz TOOLS contains just what you need to keep motoring down the road. At the heart of the MSHD1 kit (MSRP: $39.95) is a 1/4-inch-drive ratchet with a 2-inch extension that fits the most popular sizes of fasteners on American V-Twin bikes, including 3/8-, 7/16-, and 1/2-inch sockets, along with a 10mm socket for those battery terminal bolts that often come loose. Also within the 5×6.5-inch high-density polyethylene box are 1/4- and 3/16-inch hex bits, as well as T25 and T27 Tory bits. For those with limited space, this tool set barely fills up a corner of a tool bag or even your SO’s purse. All Cruz TOOLS’ hand tools come with a lifetime guarantee.