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Yelvington brings bagger reverse pulley to Sturgis

harley bagger reverse gear

Yelvington USA adds reverse gear to your Harley-Davidson bagger.

Courtesy of Yelvington USA

Yelvington USA announces they are delivering their patented Mechanical Reverse Pulley system (MRP) at the 2016 Sturgis Rally to assist riders to never again be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Yelvington will be providing 10 foot reverse test rides at the Black Hills Harley-Davidson Dealership in Rapid City, SD during the rally.

The Yelvington reverse engagement is simple: just flip a switch and ease out the clutch. Once engaged, the pulley rotates normally while the wheel rotates in reverse. To move forward, just flip a switch and ease out the clutch. Installation is also simple: there are no modifications to the motorcycle and the reverse can be reversed if an enthusiast purchases a different touring bike in the future.

The Yelvington USA team conducted research with male and female touring riders of all ages from across the United States, as well as with custom big-wheel bagger builders, and determined there is a significant need for an engine-powered reverse that is easy to install and easier still to use.

“When enthusiasts tried our MRP, the thing we heard over and over again was, ‘It’s just so natural,'” explained Mark Russell, Yelvington Director of Sales and Marketing.

The Mechanical Reverse Pulley system is making its debut at Black Hills Harley-Davidson where the Yelvington USA team will be installing the reverse for free. Only 200 units will be available in Sturgis. Find out more here.

About Yelvington Company

Yelvington USA is a state-of-the-art company involved with cutting-edge products for both the conventional V-twin market and the motorcycle trike conversion market. All products are aerospace designed, CNC precision built and Made in the USA.

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