H-D Factory Security System

Protect Your Hog With an Alarm

The H-D security system includes all the necessary wiring and mounting hardware, including connectors and the key FOB plus the optional siren, pager transmitter, and pager.

We used an ’01 FXDXT for the install, and removed the seat and negative battery cable before removing the electrical cover to reveal the old turn signal module…

…and replaced it with the security vehicle motion sensor/turn-signal module. Make sure the pins line up properly when plugging in the deutsch connector.

The pager transmitter was plugged into the motion sensor/turn-signal module next.

The siren was then mounted in its bracket and hooked up to the pager transmitter. Inside the siren module is a 9-volt battery that will sound the siren for 20-30 seconds, stop for 5-10 seconds, and repeat 10 times, even if the battery cables are cut!

We already had a few wires tucked underneath the seat, so we had to reorganize the area to better accommodate the transmitter and siren, now zip-tied together.

The bracket is designed for a factory bike, and there were holes in the frame exactly where they were supposed to be. Using the supplied self-tapping screws, the bracket was secured to the frame.

We reattached the negative battery cable and programmed the key FOB to recognize the new system.

In case your key FOB is ever misplaced, a personal code has to be programmed into the security module using turn signal buttons in a specific order.

Our Dyna has a security status lamp located in the right-hand side of the speedometer. Our system was officially armed.

Next, with all the components neatly tucked underneath the seat area, the seat was replaced and secured.

Finally, we tested the pager and its range from the bike. We took the pager more than four blocks away and it was still well within range of the transmitter! We feel a lot better about the safety of our bike, especially while at an event where we might be more than a block or two from it!

Compared to cars and trucks, bikes are much easier to steal due to their light weight and smaller size. It’s your job, as a bike owner, to protect your investment. Most bikes are garaged at home, but when you’re out and about, a bike can still be stolen from a parking lot at any time while you are inside a store or local watering hole. Many of the lock systems available on the market today are bulky, awkward to carry, and heavy. H-D’s factory security system is exactly the opposite.

The Harley-Davidson factory security system fits all Twin Cam models, can be hidden within the recesses of your bike, weighs very little, and is attached to your bike so there’s nothing to remember or forget. Plus, it disarms the starter and ignition while monitoring the electrical system and vehicle motion, and the siren will still function even if the battery wires are cut. When coupled with the H-D pager, it will monitor security system activity and report your bike’s security condition within a large range (approximately 400 yards) from the bike. While an alarm can’t replace a strong lock attached to something permanent, such as concrete or steel, it does give you a little more peace of mind.