Green Devil Garage’s Copper Chopper

A Shovelhead that truly shines. No, really.

A few years ago, I built the “Copper Chopper” for the Ray Price Bikefest as an invited builder. I received the invite because I showed a memorial bike the year prior that took second in the bobber class. The motivation for this build came years ago, when I’d been emailing back and forth with Jesse James. I was in the beginning stages of building the first “Extortion 17 Memorial Motorcycle” that has been auctioned off for fallen military families the past three years (three different bikes totaling over $70K raised).

The bike just kind of came together over a four-month span with the brunt of the work being done in the last four weeks. I started out with the foundation. I called George at Spartan Frameworks and asked if he could make a frame for me. When he asked what I wanted I asked him what he was itching to make. I feel if you give the person the freedom to do what they please (in certain circumstances), you will get a killer product because they are more vested in doing something they’re interested in instead of the same old stuff. He said he was itching to do a “long bike,” so I said go for it. From there I just started thinking of what I liked.

Green Devil Garage Copper Chopper

The motor is a set of 1969 STD cases with all S&S internals, jugs, and heads. I split the H-D rocker boxes and ran all hard brass lines except for a couple, because my hand bender broke on final assembly the night before the show.

Mark V Photography

dual vertical headlights

I’ve always liked the dual vertical headlights, but no basic motorcycle light looked good on the Spartan Frameworks narrow springer.

Mark V Photography

1969 Harley-Davidson transmission

Trying to stay in the same era I went on a search for a 1969 H-D transmission and found one on eBay in rough condition. I rebuilt it and got it and the motor polished at Royal Silver in Virginia. The chain drive primary is from my buddy Curt at Anything Goes 74.

Mark V Photography

microphone headdlights

I wanted to do something neat for lighting. I was looking through my older brother’s social media (he’s a blues musician) and saw one of his harmonica mics, and it was a done deal. All the lighting on the bike is microphones from the 1940s.

Mark V Photography

copper plated handlebars

The dog bones are copper plated to boot.

Mark V Photography

copper plated gas tank

The bodywork is handmade copper from Yocum’s Signature Hot Rods.

Mark V Photography

Buttskinz leather custom seat

Buttskinz nailed it with this custom seat.

Mark V Photography

Harley-Davidson replica foot controls

The foot controls are replica Harley-Davidson from V-Twin Manufacturing.

Mark V Photography