GMA Direct Replacement Master Cylinders for Kelsey Hayes and Wagner

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harley gma rear master cylinder

Give your tired old hog some new stopping power.

Courtesy of GMA/BDL

In real world use rear master cylinders found on a wide variety of Harley-Davidson models from the late 50’s through the early 80’s have performed well, but now require regular rebuilding or replacement. GMA a subsidiary of Belt Drives Limited manufactures complete direct bolt on replacement units for both Kelsey Hayes and Wagner style rear master cylinders. Designed and manufactured using the most current technology and materials, the cylinders are direct bolt on replacements for OEM parts, provide superior performance, reliability and longevity and depending on model and finish retail from just $132.50 to $151.50. Available in black, polished and raw finishes they feature 5/8” bore, with a 1/8” NPT port that will accept various inverted flare adaptor fittings. Rebuild kit is Part # GMA-MCRB-1 and sells for $22.50. GMA master cylinders are available from BDL/GMA dealers worldwide or on the company’s site at