GMA Blacked Out Levers

Cleanliness at the handlebar

harley black out control levers

Black to the future

Courtesy of GMA/BDL

GMA, a member of the Belt Drives LTD family of companies, is the source for these premium quality levers. As rugged, durable, and dependable as they are high-tech in appearance, the BLACK OUT controls feature a master cylinder with 5/8” bore and threaded ball end plunger. This design provides positive engagement and, precise movement of the piston and rubber cup reservoir seal for positive, smooth stopping performance. GMA controls are secured to bars with camlocks and the switch housing blends in for an exceptionally clean profile. Available hydraulic clutch master features a 9/16” bore to match common aftermarket slave cylinders. Designed for use with 1” bars the super clean GMA clutch retail at just $134.00 and the brake setup runs $182.50. GMA levers are also available with chrome and polished finish. For complete details catch the complete GMA line here.