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Tigra iPhone mount

Tigra Sport // Bike Console iPhone Holder

Yes, having your phone out of your pocket and strapped to the handlebars can be a really good thing. Not only can you use it for a GPS, but if you have a Bluetooth headset you can get turn-by-turn directions or answer your better half’s calls when they want to know where you are. This waterproof and lockable handlebar phone mount from Tigra has all the bells and whistles of the other all-in-one phone cases for your bike and is a pretty good deal for the price. The main thing I really like about the Bike Console is that the phone is securely held in the case with two beefy double-hinged latches, and the smooth touch front of the case makes accessing your phone’s apps just as easy as when it’s out of its case. Yes, the unit is watertight, but Tigra’s sound boost technology diverts the speaker and mic’s sound to the front of the case, and you can still use the camera so on-the-fly selfies are completely attainable as well. $59.99 //

Outdoortech Bluetooth Speaker

Outdoor Tech // Turtle Shell 2.0

This 2.1 x 5.6 x 3.9-inch funky-shaped portable speaker is powered by a rechargeable battery and connects to your music source by either Bluetooth technology or a 3.5mm audio jack. The speaker has two upward-facing drivers beneath the speaker grille, and a passive bass radiator is housed in the bottom of the unit. Along the side are the audio and track controls, and under a covered panel is the USB jack used for charging the battery as well as an auxiliary power port.The sound of this unit is very good for the price, but if you are into bass and love them 808s, then this speaker might not be what you are after since it tends to distort a bit when heavy electronic bass is thumping. If you are into rock and not EDM, pop music, or rap, then this geometric geode would be perfect for you.$129 //