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Jeff and the art of motorcycle maintenance

bike brite

Meet the Bike Brite family.

As manhandled by Jeff G. Holt

Bike Brite Cleaners

Founded in 1992 by Joe Coviello, Bike Brite was a simple solution to a dirty biker’s problems. Now years have passed, and the little cleaning company that was once sold out of the back of a car now has 22 different products and millions of happy two-wheeled customers. From spray washes to chain lubes this stuff can and will keep polished metal, chrome, paint, powdercoat, and plastic both clean and well protected for the harshest of elements and road grime. Good stuff, indeed.

Motion Pro Standard MP Tool

There are plenty of multi tools on the market, but very few contain as much as the MP tool. It possesses a mess of tools all in one handy pouch such as 1/2- and 3/8-inch open end, a 10mm and 7/16-inch box end, a bottle opener, an L-socket handle with 7/16 and 1/2-inch sockets, a combo 1/4- and 3/8-inch drive, and a few interchangeable combination hex, torx, and screwdriver chingaderas.

While your in a buying mood, pick up the latest copy of Street Chopper. You know you want to.

motion pro multi tool

Motion Pro’s MP covers a wide range.

As manhandled by: Jeff G. Holt