Garage Company’s Speed Boy Special Shovelhead

How Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher gets down on two wheels

What motorcycle do you ride when you’re one of the greatest Formula 1 racers of all time? If you’re the great Michael Schumacher—the only driver in history to win seven Formula 1 World championships, five of them in a row—apparently you pilot this Ferrari Red Garage Company Shovelhead. Christened the “Speed Boy Special,” the bike was created by Yoshi Kosaka’s shop in a little under a month from just some parts he had lying around. When your motorcycle shop doubles as a parts hoarder’s wet dream (like the Garage Company), though, you can make something this amazing with a fair degree of flexibility.

The heart of the Speed Boy Special is an 80-inch Shovelhead set in a rigid frame. Yoshi’s shop had to rebuild the mill to make it run but seeing as how it’s a legendary car racer’s ride, said powerplant got a few upgrades along the way, like S&S rods and KB pistons. It’s mated to a four-speed tranny connected to a Primo clutch and primary, which sends power to the 16-inch wheel and Firestone tire out back.As for that gorgeous Ferrari Red paint, well, you have Jim’s Cycle Painting and Bob Iverson to blame. With a racing record like Schumacher’s, I’m guessing Ferrari was all too happy to let him fly its colors on his ride.

1981 Harley-Davidson motor

Its 1981 Harley-Davidson motor looks clean as all get-out too.

Mark Masker

cocktail shakers

The cocktail shakers in detail.

Mark Masker

striping on the headlight bowl

Bob Iverson’s handiwork is sprinkled throughout the bike, like with the striping on the headlight bowl.

Mark Masker

peanut tank and bobbed fenders

The peanut tank and bobbed fenders are a great combo plate for this bike.

Mark Masker

chain final drive

Obviously, a belt wouldn’t be right on something with this much classic pedigree. A chain final drive was a no-brainer.

Mark Masker

custom painted gas tank

I think we know whose initials are on the tank…

Mark Masker

slotted primary cover

The slotted primary cover flows well with the motor’s fins.

Mark Masker

16-inch spoker

Like the rear wheel, the front is a 16-inch spoker with a red rim and Firestone rubber.

Mark Masker

motorcycle taillight

Just enough taillight to be legal.

Mark Masker