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Motion Pro’s PBR Chain Tool: $95.95

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Motion Pro

PBR Chain Tool

Named after our favorite beer (well, not really) this handy chain tool can press, break, and rivet 520, 525, and 530 chains (PBR, get it?) all by its lonesome. The simple yet effective design also removes chain pins as well as presses master link plates and rivets or hollow-nose and soft-nose master link pins on O-ring and non-O-ring-type chains. You can change the tool’s functions by merely mating the position of the anvil block and the indexing letters on the body to ensure proper tool arrangement. Whether you are a shop pro or a garage mechanic, if you have a final chain drive on that bike of yours, this is the tool for you.

George’s Garage

Transmission Sprocket Locking Tool

So you have a 1980–later big twin-powered two-wheeled terror machine, and you want to ditch the old belt for a chain or re-gear your bike for wheelies or other shenanigans? Well, get ready for some major work removing the inner and outer primary and a bunch of other crap. Oh, and you are really going to need one of these here George’s Garage trans sprocket locking tools to get that 1-7/8-inch final drive nut removed from the mainshaft. This handy tool is adjustable, so it works on 30- to 34-tooth pulleys and can be used for both removal and installation of pulleys.

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George’s Garage Transmission Sprocket Locking Tool

George’s Garage’s Transmission Sprocket Locking Tool

Hot Bike Staff