FXR Division’s Milwaukee-Eight Roadracer From The Hot Bike Tour

Justin Coleman and Christopher Staab splice together a classic roadracer and a Harley Fat Bob

When I see FXR Division’s 2018 Fat Bob from the Hot Bike Tour, I ask myself, “Why isn’t Harley-Davidson making something like this?” The obvious answer being that a great deal of craftsmanship went into it and the skill set involved doesn’t (and shouldn’t) come cheap. That’s because Justin Coleman and Christopher Staab wanted to create a modern performance V-twin with classic styling cues inspired by roadrace bikes of the past. You can’t just bolt up a bunch of parts from a catalog and call it a day with that sort of project. At least some of those parts have to be made from scratch.

In the beginning, though, you strip the stock bike down to its bare essentials, tossing out everything that isn’t the motorcycle you’re creating. FXR Division reduced this Fat Bob to its frame and powerplant, then started adding what they wanted.

Coleman and Staab FXR Division

Coleman and Staab have been a part of the Hot Bike Tour since 2013 and it’s been a privilege seeing their work as well as that of all the builders who’ve joined us along the way

Jeff Allen

Part of which was gobs more power. “She backs up the image she portrays and does it with style,” Justin and Chris told us. “Corners hard, stops fast, and with the 151ci Milwaukee-Eight she’s hard to hold on to.” Yes, that’s right. One hundred fifty-one cubic inches of American muscle power this beauty. Danny Wilson builds ’em big and bad like that and worked his magic to ensure this bike walks the walk. The mega-mill is a combination of Leading Edge Performance, S&S Cycle, and Harley-Davidson parts with CMP Motorcycles airbox, exhaust, and Horsepower Inc. throttle body for breathing.

Hard cornering and quick stops aren’t the engine’s department though. Obviously, it’s the suspension, wheels, and braking that take care of all that. Lenny Albin put together the front end but the rear suspension is a combination of a Speed Merchant swingarm teamed with Gears Racing Suspension monoshock. FXR Division added a modified Rebuffini triple tree to the mix as well, completing a recipe for mayhem that’s accented by Lyndall’s FXR Division series wheels, Pirelli tires, and Rebuffini brake calipers over Lyndall rotors.

Low, tinted windscreen

Low, tinted windscreen for a little shielding without breaking the sleek profile.

Jeff Allen

Taken together, all of this power and tricked-out handling is awesome. The icing on this cake of evil is its sexified roadracer look. From nose to tail, it flows smoother than the lies from a politician’s piehole but with all those performance components, it keeps the promise of high-performance riding that its looks make. The gas tank may be Harley-Davidson, and the fairing bears the shark-nosed pedigree of a Road Glide, but the bodywork defining this Fat Bob as a roadracer was made in-house at FXR Division, as was the handlebar. Knowing what to use to get desired results plus being able to craft what’s needed to complete the job are skills builders like Justin and Chris learn over years of hard work, culminating in bikes like this: motorcycles that you’d love to find in a dealership but never will.

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Color-matched floating rotors and Lyndall wheels

Color-matched floating rotors and Lyndall wheels make sure the bike is styled in.

Jeff Allen

Spec Sheet

Owner FXR Division
Shop FXR Division
Shop Phone (623) 300-5276
Website fxrdivision.com
Year/Make/Model 2018/Harley-Davidson/Fat Bob
Fabrication FXR Division
Build Time 7 months
Year/Type/Size 2018/Leading Edge Performance 151ci
Builder Danny Wilson/Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson/Leading Edge Performance
Cases H-D
Cylinders Leading Edge
Heads H-D
Cams S&S Cycle
Throttle Body Horsepower Inc.
Exhaust FXR Division/CMP Motorcycles
Air Cleaner CMP Motorcycles
Year/Type 2018/Baker Drivetrain GrudgeBox
Gears 6-speed
Clutch Barnett Scorpion lock-up
Primary Drive Twin Power
Year/Type 2018/H-D Softail
Rake/Stretch Stock/none
Front End Superbike Geometry, Lenny Albin
Triple Trees Rebuffini/FXR Division
Swingarm The Speed Merchant
Shocks Gears Racing Suspension
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Builder/Size Lyndall FXR Division series/19 x 2.5-in.
Tire/Size Pirelli Angel GT/19 x 2.5-in.
Calipers Rebuffini RR108
Rotors Lyndall FXR Division series/13-in.
Builder/Size Lyndall FXR Division series/17 x 5.5-in.
Tire/Size Pirelli Angel GT/17 x 5.5-in.
Caliper Rebuffini RR108
Rotor Lyndall FXR Division series, 11.5-in.
Painter Flyin Iron Designs, Andy Meeh
Powdercoating All Valley Powdercoating, Paul Foster
Front Fender FXR Division
Rear Fender FXR Division
Gas Tank H-D
Gauges Dynojet Power Vision
Handlebars FXR Division
Grips Rebuffini
Hand Controls Rebuffini
Foot Controls The Speed Merchant
Taillight Alloy Art
Seat Saddlemen Seats

FXR Division breathing setup

When it blasts past you on the asphalt, you have just a tenth of a second to notice the blur of the CMP Motorcycles breathing setup…

Jeff Allen

CMP turbo kit

…let alone what looks to be a CMP turbo kit attached to it. At 151 inches of displacement, you need forced induction because of horsepower mayhem reasons.

Jeff Allen

carbon fiber motorcycle

All that carbon-fiber goodness adds to the appeal too (among other things).

Jeff Allen

FXR division chain drive and back wheel

FXR Division switched to a chain drive to handle all that extra power going to the back wheel.

Jeff Allen

FXR Division engine and primary

Even on the homely half, the engine and primary look pretty damn good.

Jeff Allen

Rebuffini grips and controls

FXR Division bracketed its handlebar with Rebuffini grips and controls. Dynojet’s Power Vision flash tuner is as close as the motorcycle gets to having gauges.

Jeff Allen

motorcycle rear tailsection

The rear tailsection completes the old roadracer look. Note how the rear cylinder exhaust pipe exits through the back.

Jeff Allen

FXR Division front brakes

Just to make sure there is enough stopping power, the front brake configuration is of the dual persuasion.

Jeff Allen